Monday, March 05, 2012

Leave, follow, I am moving.

I have been thinking about what Google is doing with linking all of my information into one site. I understand why they are doing that, I am just not thrilled with the idea. I do a lot of searching of things that I learn about at work. That is for work, just work. I do not want to get on YouTube and have videos pop up on Necrotizing fascitis, or hemorrhoid cream, or deep suctioning of the lungs. Nor, do I want adds popping up on these things.

I could be wrong but from what I understand, every time I log in with a google account key items are going to be filed away to be saved for a later usage. I have products I buy, I think most advertising is stupid, and that is one reason I got rid of television. (Say what  you will about Netflix but no commercials). I do not want to have to deal with an advert for something I was looking up for my brother, when I go to look up something else.

Google has every right to run their business the way they like. I will still use the search engine as sometimes that is the only way to find what I am looking for.

Why, am I going on about this? It is to explain why I am moving my blog. It might be more right to say I am starting my blog over. Katznjammer is moving to wordpress. I have spent the last few days getting to know the way the program runs. I am still not sure of how everything works, but I am ready to start posting over there. The new link is Katznjammer. Or feel free to follow me there.

Thank you for reading.

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