Monday, March 05, 2012

Leave, follow, I am moving.

I have been thinking about what Google is doing with linking all of my information into one site. I understand why they are doing that, I am just not thrilled with the idea. I do a lot of searching of things that I learn about at work. That is for work, just work. I do not want to get on YouTube and have videos pop up on Necrotizing fascitis, or hemorrhoid cream, or deep suctioning of the lungs. Nor, do I want adds popping up on these things.

I could be wrong but from what I understand, every time I log in with a google account key items are going to be filed away to be saved for a later usage. I have products I buy, I think most advertising is stupid, and that is one reason I got rid of television. (Say what  you will about Netflix but no commercials). I do not want to have to deal with an advert for something I was looking up for my brother, when I go to look up something else.

Google has every right to run their business the way they like. I will still use the search engine as sometimes that is the only way to find what I am looking for.

Why, am I going on about this? It is to explain why I am moving my blog. It might be more right to say I am starting my blog over. Katznjammer is moving to wordpress. I have spent the last few days getting to know the way the program runs. I am still not sure of how everything works, but I am ready to start posting over there. The new link is Katznjammer. Or feel free to follow me there.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not Wordless Wednesday

close up

full view

close up

There is an amazing artest out there by the name of Sheila Wolk. Ms Wolk created a painting titled "Day Surrendering to Night." I love the painting how it looks and feels. When Honey saw the picture she just fell in love with it. I don't blame her one little bit. So, I called up Ana-Cross Stitch and orderd the pattern, and the fabric. They then shipped it all to me. I could have gone up there to get the items, however it was cheaper to have them shipped to me.

Once the package got here I got started. Matching the colors, enlarging the patten, and then starting the thing. It took two years. Two long years of stitching. If I had just worked on this project alone, it might have taken a few months. That is without sleeping, working, eating, or going to take a shower. I also did some minor projects, a birthday present, worked on some crocheting when I did not want to stitch. In the end it took two years and now I am done. I am happy that it is done, and gone onto Honey. She is going to get it matted and framed. I cannot wait to see it all done.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Limit of Things to Come

Gas, gas, gas. Gas here is $4 a gallon. That means planing each trip to the store, each trip shopping. This might not be a bad thing it would mean planing ALL my meals and all other shopping. It means making sure that I have all the ingreadients for each thing that I want to make. If I am just going to go to the library or out for a cup of coffee, I can get walk or ride my bike. Good for me, my wallet, and the envoroment.

I had in my wild dreams planed on writing about my favorite places here in Washington. Not only places that I go on a weekly basis like the library, and my favorite coffee shop, but places like the hidden waterfalls in the mountain's. Go to Mima Mounds and hunt for the Great Blue Gopher. The beach to watch the kite flyer's, dogs run free, and kids play in the mud.

With the price of gas it is not going to be something I can do on a weekend basis. It might only be once every few months. For me this is a great disappointment, I was looking forward to getting out of the house and enjoying the sunshine. I know I could go with other people car pool as it will however, while I enjoy being with people I also enjoy the silence of nature without chatter. I do not know if this is just because of my age, or because I enjoy my own company.

It is not as if I want to do everything alone, or even be alone. I would love to take Honey to all the places that I want to go to. We talk, we are OK in the silence of being together. I know people who for whatever reason cannot stand silence, or the thought of being alone.

So until gas prices are a bit more reasonable, I will not be making all the trips that I had planed.

Oh, and Ugli Fruit is in the stores now. I love Ugli fruit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I know I said that every Monday, I would put up something about Oly that I like and why I live here. I was all set to go out and get pictures of one of my most favorite places in the world. Then it started to rain. This was not our typical rain, this was the rain where going outside and looking up would result in a near death experience. So given weather like that what did I do? I went out and played. I love the rain, I love rain like that.  I came home cold wet and in the mood for a nap. It was a wonderful day. However, my camera does not like getting wet. Not at all. That means this weekend I get to get picture of my most favorite place to put up, that is if the camera will go outside.

Last week I ended up getting an unexpected roommate. Now, the help with the rent will be great as I can play catch up on some bills that need worked on. There are downsides to this roommate thing, so I think I am going to hang on for a few months then tell him he needs to get his own place. We are two very different people. I do not have cable, refuse to have cable that is driving him nuts. He comes in turns the TV on, and it is on until he goes to sleep. I only have the the thing on if I want to watch something, and then I have to make myself turn it on. (Except for Hoarders). Then I like things neat and tidy, his dishes from three days ago are still in the sink, the dishwasher is empty. I am not mommy, if by Friday they are still there I am going to have to start putting them in the trash.

The worst thing about having a roommate is that my Honey Love can no longer come up here and see me. That just makes me cry. When she came up here, my house felt complete. There were times we would do the tourist thing, others we would just stay home (gutter mind here is OK). Now we are going to have to travel to get time alone. I do not mind the travel, OK I hate to fly, but I do not mind the different locations that we go to. What I will miss is having a home base, a place to cook dinner, or pack a lunch.

I keep telling myself that change is good, and it is good. However, if it comes to roommate or Honey Love. Roommate is out on his ass.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places to go and walk. The views are amazing, the paths are well maintained, and the people in the shop are very knowledgeable about the wildlife that is seen there. The paths are wide enough for strollers or wheelchairs, there are boardwalks, and gravel paths.

Olympic Mountains Looking Southwest
Each time I go there and walk something changes, the animals that I see, the view. Just the plant life as the seasons circle about. 

American Bittern
The last time I went there I had a bald eagle scare me. He flew right at me, I could see the color of his eyes. At the last minute, he shot in the air I could have reached up and grabbed a fist full of tail feathers. I did not get a picture of this, I thought I was going to have to eat dirt. 

Tide coming in looking east
The refuge is only open during daylight hours. So, depending on what time you are there the tide is in or out. When I got there it was out, when I left it was coming in. Take water to drink. 

Great Blue Heron looking for fish
Lots of people go out there to walk and just enjoy the sun. I have learned to look for the photographers they are looking for interesting things to photograph. With the Bittern I did not know what kind of bird it was, so I showed the picture to a few bird watchers. They told me. At one place on the Estuary path there is a hide to view the water.Shhhh.

Mt. Rainer from Estuary Boardwalk Trail
 The day I went it was almost 50F and sunny. I was able to get great shots of the mountains and the blue sky. For February that is not a bad picture.  It is not a quiet place, oh there are people talking, kids running. Most of the noise was from the birds chattering. When it got quiet I learned to look up something was hunting. Every once and a while the lone cry of a hawk or eagle could be heard.

Heron catches a snake
The neat thing is to walk the path it is only $3.00 for an all day use. There are NO pets allowed big no no, and even though it is outdoors the people who are there frown on smoking. Not because it is bad and smelly, but because even though it is a wetland fire can still happen.
FYI there are deer as well, they just hide until the sun starts to set. 

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