Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Fined

I made it back from my trip ok I got home on Sunday at about 1130pm. Monday I woke to find that I brought something back with me. I have a cold. A nasty nonthinking nose running cold. So Right now I am fined and when I am all better and fine. I will put up some pics from the trip. I am going back to bed and watch very bad movies.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have started a vacation this week and will not be able to post until I get back home. I hope to have some pictures to show everyone. Next Saturday Honey and I are going to see Chihuly at the de Young in San Francisco. So have a good week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bobbles, the Pool Shark and the 12th Man

The Bobble heads

I was in the car stopped at a light when I looked into my rear view mirror. There in the car behind me were four people all listening to music. I don't know what they were listening to but they were all bobbing their heads in time to the beat. They looked like a group of bobble head dolls.

The Pool Shark

Do not listen to Honey if she replies on here. We have been playing online pool for the past few days and the only time I win is if she sinks the cue ball when she tops the eight ball in. I don't feel that is winning as I have only sunk 2 balls myself. I have even tried blowing in her ear but I guess that just does not work on the phone.

So I decided that we should play another online game. Chess, we guess what she beat me at that AND checkers. So last night we played dominoes and I won. WOOOHOOO me! I know that will only be until she figures out all the rules and nuances of the game. So if you happen to meet Honey online and she wants to play pool know this she will kick your butt. She is only slightly competitive, but she knows that turns me on.

The 12Th Man

Sunday I went to my first ever NFL game. The hawks were playing some team I don't remember who. It was so much fun. I screamed until I was horse and when I talked I sounded like a cartoon character. I ate garlic fries, had 2 bottles of $3.50 water (beer was $7.00). Got some great shots of the stadium and Seattle. The best part of it was I was for once a real 12Th Man.

For those of you who don't know what a 12Th Man is they are the loudest fans in football. In fact several other football teams have accused the Seahawks of miking the crowd because they cannot hear the plays that are called. That is just not true here is more from the fans, and just one more. How the team uses that is amazing.
View of the City from Qwest Field
View of the City from Qwest Field

The Sound with a ferry before the game

The Blue Thunder Drum Line

Filling up

Raising the 12th Man flag

Blitz the Mascot

Blue Thunder

Go Seahawks

Sea Gals

Full Stadum

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hard-ly Working

I have less than a 7 days to get ready for a trip. I have to pack, clean the car, clean the house, and yes still go to work. So with all of that on my plate why am I sitting here reading, listening to and writing blog stuff?

I have started coming home and napping in the afternoons. I do not want to make this a habit, so I am waiting until I am getting to the point of being sleepy then I am going to get up and work on the car. The car was not going to be my first job as I know myself and will have to clean it out again before I go. The car is first on the list with a good scrubbing, on the way to work before I left my driveway I spilled my coffee. This would not normally be bad at this time of year but the temp reached 90+ in the car. My coffee had milk in it. So this is not going to be just a pick up the trash that might be in there, and take it to be vacuumed. NO now I have to vacuum and then bring it home and scrub the carpeting. eeeeeeewwwwwwww..

Oh and why is vacuum spelled that way? Why not spell it an easier way?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Late on posting

I meant to get this up on Friday or even Thursday night but have been to tired, cranky, hormonal. Thursday was my second book club meeting and we reviewed Out Stealing Horses. For me it was a book that I would have read only if I were incredibly bored, that includes cleaning the bathroom. It was well written however it left many questions unanswered for me. What happened to Thrond's father? Why a suit, why not something more useful? It is not one that I will read over again.

For this month we have decided to read Wizard of Earthsea. We were to have read one called Infidel but have pushed that book back to next month. What has brought about this change is that the library here is having what they are calling Timberland Reads Together. In this the local booksellers agree to sell the book at a discount and anyone in the library system can read the book them meet for a mass discussion.

Timberland library covers 5 counties, not just one or a few city's. This is a huge library system and I love it. I should tell them that. Back on topic, this is the fourth such read that the libraries have worked out. At the end of each read the author if still living is invited to read, answer questions about the book and also sign them. So it looks like this will be an interesting one.