Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pictures of Pride

Oly Pride

Sunday was Olympia Pride. For me it started out with going to Batdorf and Bronson for a mocha, the Boy said that the coffee shop was decorated like the TV show Friends. It might have been but I love their coffee as they roast it there in the store. That and when there if reading or working no one will bother a person.

After coffee the Boy and I wandered about the booths for a bit, I ran into some acquaintances of mine. Then the parade started. I do know that I love to go to Oly Pride. For me the parade is the best part. I love the colors and the interaction with the crowd.

This year like last year if the Dyke's on Bikes did not have a rider they would pick one out of the crowd, stopping to change riders as they wanted to. Then there were the people who when marching if they saw someone that they knew would run out of formation for talks and hugs.

One young man who I saw there was so cute and fun, he was probably all of 19 20 and hoped into one of the cars that had someone running for city council in it. Then when he got back at the end of the parade he joined in with the Stonewall Youth.
One of the things that I like about Oly Pride is that there are a ton of family's and kids there. It makes it seem like the whole community is out there. There were people there with their dogs, kids and even a few cats on leashes.

I think that next year I am going to try and get to Portland for Portland Pride to see how a bigger cities Pride compares. I have never been to a bigger Pride and next year that is one of my goals.
I love that picture up at the top the way the image is blurred, and the flag is flowing. I have other pictures that I will post up later.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sound of Nothing

My son is going to be leaving for AZ in a month and I will be living on my own. The thing that I am wondering about is the sound of nothing.

I am not one who has the TV or radio on for background noise. If I want to listen to music I turn the radio on, if I want to watch a movie the I turn on the TV. So in living on my own in my own silence am I going to long for the sound of another voice or am I going to be on overload when I go outside and am in a crowd or at work.

Or will I become one who turns on noise just to not have that alone feeling. I guess I will have to wait and see.

Then there is work. OMG this week at work I have the worst schedule I have today off then Thursday off, then Sunday off. I requested Sunday off for Pride.

Monday I had off and I slept for a total of 14 hours. I needed it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Did It

My son is home for the summer and part of me was dreading what I had to do. So some background.

Every other Sunday a group of us gets together and games. Yes I know, but I am a gamer at heart and for me it is a way to relax and escape the dealings of real problems at work. So I go, roll dice and kill giant bugs. Very therapeutic, tho I think most of it is just talking with other some who are in the medical field and other who are not.

So, at game everyone knows that I am a dyke. Some write about me in their diversity classes, some ask me to check out the woman in that movie. They know they accept or deal with it.

My son however, was not told. It is not that I was being secretive about it, it is just that I did not even know for a long time. Then when I realized "You dumb*$$ your a Lesbian" I had some things to work out. Lots of things to work out. Guilt, hatred of myself, fear, and the list goes on.

When I finally got ready to tell him about Honey what does the boy do. Up and move out of state to go to a HS where he gets better grades then ever.

I did not think that telling him on the phone was a good idea so I waited until he got back home. I did not tell him the way I wanted to but when I did he said, "I kinda figured." Talk about anticlimactic.

So I am out to everyone in my family that I care about, except the two little ones. Honey and I both agreed that their mom is the boss of them and are going by her wishes.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Birthday Stash

The statue is the goddess Danu. She is an Irish Goddess, the books are going to go in my car and be work books for me to read when I am at work. The flowers and the statue are from Honey, and the books are from the Kid.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Night Shift

Lady G asked me how I don't get messed up working nights. I thought about replying in the comments but realized that this would make a great post.

I love working nights, there is a different "feel" about them. One not so rushed, so urgent. However, all of this started when I was little about 8 or so years old. When I would get sent to bed with the lights out, I would lay there awake for hours. Then when the birds would start singing I would fall asleep.

As I got older I hid a flashlight in the bed so that after everyone else was asleep I would read until I could fell asleep. Now, this took forever as reading is exiting and keeps me awake until I finish the story. There were times I would go to school exhausted from not sleeping at night. I just could not do it.

After we moved around, and around. Try 10 different elementary schools in 5 states (my dad was an electrical field engineer) my parents decided to home school us. That was great. I could sleep all day and then do my work when I woke up.

I have always been a night person, I did try to work day shift for a year. That year I was so exhausted that I would sleep and work and sleep. There was nothing else. Even my days off were a chore. No, I love the night and the night shifts.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I have been thinking about going back to school. I would like to go to an online school at least to get some off it done. However, I have heard both good and bad about different schools and I am not sure what to trust.

I have talked to an adviser at one of the more well known schools and have been told that what he thinks from what I have told him it would only be a year to get my BA. I would love to go thought with it and have everything done.

The biggest advantage for me with an online school is sleep. I can do all of my classes at night when I am up and not worry about trying to stay awake during the day when I have to sleep so that I can work. I do wish that more places would be accommodating for those who work nights.

I would love to be able on my nights off to go the bookstore when I can't sleep. Some restaurants are open late at night and that is good. But, sometimes a book store would be nice.