Thursday, July 31, 2008

Directional Devices

They are everywhere. In the cell phone, the handheld gaming systems but more importantly in cars. What are they? Talking GPS systems.

The ones that you program in your home address then the address of the grocery store that is three miles away, and that you go to every Friday for their deal on chocolate cookies. The idea on how they work is great, listen to the voice and never get lost. The voice is a polite computer safe voice. One that is not grating on the ears, one that is attention getting, one that is commanding.

Program in the directions and hear (depending on the system) "turn left on Main st. in half a mile turn right on 12Th Ave. in one mile turn left on Elm st. in point 5 miles you have reached your destination." Great. I don't want one in my car.

Give me a realistic one. Program in the home address the destination address and this is what come out of the speaker. " What the, you want me to tell you how to get some place 3 miles from here. Jeez, what happened to you? Do you need me to tell you how to put your pants on. OK turn left on Main st. No, left your other left. Turn right on 12Th ave not that street that is 10Th. Crap now I have to reprogram new directions."

If the companies that made the directional devices built one like that I would buy it just to have it annoy people.

exercise did the ball and some stretching
only have 5 more cookbooks to go thought

Goals to meet
alignment, bill

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today I went for a walk to the lake. There are two places that are public access. The park where I went and the boat launch. The park is not a fancy one by any means. There are a few picnic tables, a paved path, and a few clearings. The rest of it is trees. Most of the people who use this park go there to let their dogs swim or for some solitude. I went there to read and to take a few pictures. I did get another idea for a goal when I was there. I want to go to every city, state, county, and national park with Honey and make out.

I know there are thousands of parks and it could take forever. I'm up for that.

Exercise, 150 reps on the ball and walked to the park. One half my cookbooks are gone through I am so far keeping 6 that I know of.

TWO WEEKS pay off bill, alignment on car.
LONG TERM make out with Honey at every park

Friday, July 25, 2008

No Work

Working as an agency nurse means that while I have the good times I also have the bad. The good times include higher pay, benefits, and the biggest choosing my own schedule. I do not have to ask for time off, for vacations, for family events, and I can choose where I want to work. If one place is full of politics, and backstabbing I don't have to put up with it.

Now for the bad times. If the patient load drops I am one of the first cancelled. Sometimes that means that I don't get the hours in a week to pay for gas. This week so far I have managed to get in 16 hours. I still have Saturday and that is usually when more support staff is needed. So I am hoping to pick up a shift tomorrow but as of now the only place that they need me is a place that I won't go.

The place that needs me is for a night shift tonight and even thought they are offering double time I won't set foot in the place. It is dangerous, I refuse to go there and face the possibility of loosing my license. The last time I went there I was the only one to show up for an evening shift that started at 1400 or 2pm. Day shift took off before they could be stopped, so it was me and one other person from days for 70+ patients. The rest of the shift staggered in when they decided to after a football game. There was to my knowledge there was not any form of punishment to the staff.

Goals meet
Clean Car
Ball exercises 150 total reps. 50 crunches 50 back crunches 50 push ups

On going goals
This weekend: Go Through my cookbooks and thin them out
Daily: Exercise
Next two weeks: Pay off a bill, have alignment done.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have been thinking about some things and one thing that I do is I set goals that I do not meet. I know that is something that a lot of people do. Others are so good that they do not have that problem.

I know I do I can procrastinate with the best of them. Trust me it is not that hard. Then there is a mad scramble to get things done that are needed or wanted done at the last minute. So I have decided that I am going to set goals and post them at the end of the blog so that I can keep track of what I have and have not accomplished. I will have short term and long term goals on here.

So to start...
Short term CLEAN OUT CAR..
Daily goal GET UP AND USE THE EXERCISE BALL before work

Well, I can say that I missed my daily goal today, but I still have a chance at a clean car.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I asked Honey if I could post a picture of her and this is the one I chose. I just love her hands. I love how delicate they are and how I can trace each bone.

She has some scars on the backs from a job that she did and then some from her cats. They add something to her, some form of character, something that I cannot name. I love to run my fingers over them it is as if they were there just for me. I know that most people will not see them. They are just like her hands fine and delicate. I know thought not to let that fool me she has got a strength in her hands and fingers that I wish I had.

I am always touching her hands in some way. Holding them, running my finger over the backs of them. She posed for this picture for me, then I used Picasa2 to add the color change and the tinting. I just wish that I had asked her to put her ring back on. Oh well, next time.
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Saturday I went out to the local berry farm and got a flat each of black and raspberrys. Now I know for all of us who grew up on the small wild hard to find blackberrys that the ones that are farm grown are not the same. The taste is a whole diffrent experance. Wild blackberrys are so yummmmmmmmmmmy. Oh, maybe next Saturday I should go into town and have breakfast at the Blue Moon they have wild blackberry jam. That alone is worth it.

What I did with all the berrys was freeze them. They joined a flat of strawberrys that I did a few weeks ago. Next weekend is blue and marionberrys. They to will get frozen. I use them all of them for cobblers, smoothies, muffins, and pancakes(well just the blueberrys for that one). But still, they are so good so tasty. I don't know about boysenberrys I have not seen them in a while. I don't know if people are not growing them or if there is an other problem with the crop. Weather, and pollination can drasticly have an effect on the berry season.
There are two posts tonight I wanted one but I could not get Honeys hand picture in this post. I guess the program I was using has a "thing" about that.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I hate coming up with titles

Sometimes what I want to post and what I actually do post is not the same. Last night I had a great idea for a post and this morning it was gone. All of it each idea each thought. It was gone. My mind was a blank. Even now I feel like I am posting drivel.

I think that I have to much on my mind. My Honey and I have been talking about wedding plans. She told me that she never even as a kid thought about getting married that all of this is new to her. So every once in a while I will email or text her a question about a wedding that sets her off on thinking about something that she never would have.

A simple one word text is all that it takes. Music? Photographer? Food? Then she tells me that she has never thought about those things. We have looked at websites for rings, hotels, and places to get married at.

I am open for ideas and thought on a wedding. I know that we can do anything we want we don't have to have a traditional wedding. We can have a hand fasting outside nakked in the rain if that is what we choose.

Any ideas, any thoughts.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I know that I said that I was going to post a long one today as I have the time. I just don't feel like it. I need to deal with somethings but not online or today. So I am going to have to sit and worry about it until I can get to a point where I can actually deal with what is going on, or more appropriately what was said.

I don't know if K said it as a joke and others took it the wrong way or if he was serious. I do hope that he was joking and that the others took him wrong. I need a hug.

Bad Nursing Jokes

What do you give a man who has got everything?


Knock Knock

Whose there?


HIPPA who?

Sorry, cannot divulge that information.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quick Note

I have been out of town for two days and have had company. I do have to leave for errands before work in a few minutes but tomorrow I will have time to do a post with pics.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation Photos

Photo #1 is the Big Wood River outside of Ketchum Idaho in the National Forrest.
Photo #2 is the Big Wood River outside of Ketchum in the National Forrest
A shot of one of the Mt.s on highway 75 going toward Stanley
The Redfish River in Idaho
This is the meadow where Honey and I got engaged. It was full of blooming Lupine, and last year that is where they had a huge fire. Some of the burned trees are in the photo.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Normal, everyone, beverbody

I was reading Tina's Blog her post of today gave me the idea for today's post. In her blog she talks about a class that she is taking go read it if you have not yet done so.

I have never met anyone "normal" no matter what people think or say. There is in my opinion no such thing as normal. Based on our prospectives we all see, hear, and react to things in a different manner. There can be statistics that show what is average. Such as number of cars owned the average can be 2. However, that is not "Normal". I know people who do not own cars and others who have 20.

This leads to "everyone/everybody". We have all hear at some point in our lives that phrase; "Well, everyone/body does (fill in the blank)." No, they don't. I have not met everyone/body and I am pretty sure that even with the Internet that is not possible to do. So how the hell could whoever said that know that. Do they mean that everyone they know does/wears that? Do they mean that people on TV as everyone/body is their point of reference?

I am not normal, everyone/body and I am happy that way. I might have some average things in my life but I would hate to be that person who is not unique, or has something about them that is special. I love being different, being me, being an individual, I don't want to fit into the cookie cutter of what someone, or TV has decided that I have to fit into. I LOVE ME!

Yes, there are somethings that I want to change, I think that a lot of people want to make some changes in their lives. But I sill love me.

Friday, July 04, 2008


I know that it is my fault that I had nightmares last night. Oh, they were not to scary just strange and disturbing. I had heads talking to me, slept in an unlocked shed surrounded by scary sounds types of dreams. I know what caused it.

I don't buy cable, and where I live I cannot pick up an air signal for TV, so if I want to see something, I can watch it on DVD or on the computer. Well, Honey told me that she thought I would enjoy watching Buffy. So I checked and the library has them on DVD, great. I got on the list and I have three weeks to watch an entire season. This is usually not a problem, however with vacation last week I now only have a few days to watch the shows. I cannot renew them as there are others waiting for the DVDs. So for the past few days that I have not worked I have been Buffy marathoning season 3.

That is where the dreams of the talking heads, zombies, giant bugs, and general creepiness has been coming from. So tomorrow I think I will start on the L-Word.

Happy 4th of July, may you not get to drunk when playing with explosives.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am back from our vacation in Idaho. There were some disappointments and lots of fun. The major disappointment was that B from NJ did not make it out there, her fight was delayed and by the time she got in to Atlanta she was stressed and had missed her connecting flight. All of this caused her health to spiral and she got sick. So she turned around and went back to NJ. I know that her health is more important than the trip but she was missed.

The town to had changed that is to be expected but we did not expect it to change in such a way that the bar we liked to hang out in now looks like a fish diner. The decore just looks so out of place for Hailey. We did not go in we just peeked in the windows it did not look like a place that knew how to mix drinks anymore.

Smokey Mountain Pizza is no longer in Hailey the restaurant is now a sushi place. I am not a fan of sushi I don't like the texture of the fish cooked that way. There is one of the pizza places in Ketchum. I don't know if it moved there or if there was always on there.

In Ketchum there is a needlepoint and knitting shop. I have wanted to go in there for ever so Honey and I went in. I was thrilled with all of the yarn but it was definitely a needlepoint shop. I do counted cross stitching and that is very different. I was so hoping to pick up some cloth or look at new patterns.

I did get spoiled there. Honey and I had lazy mornings together, and late nights (wink wink). We explored the land and found some very beautiful and unexpected places. I will post pictures when I get on my computer. We went for a walk along the Big Wood River and at the top of a hill there was a field full of blooming lupine. It was quiet, warm and peaceful. A place that neither one of us expected to be there.

It was there in that field that I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We are going to wait and take our time before setting a date. I love her so much that I want this to work out and I am willing to wait as long as it takes. She is worth it.