Friday, July 18, 2008

I hate coming up with titles

Sometimes what I want to post and what I actually do post is not the same. Last night I had a great idea for a post and this morning it was gone. All of it each idea each thought. It was gone. My mind was a blank. Even now I feel like I am posting drivel.

I think that I have to much on my mind. My Honey and I have been talking about wedding plans. She told me that she never even as a kid thought about getting married that all of this is new to her. So every once in a while I will email or text her a question about a wedding that sets her off on thinking about something that she never would have.

A simple one word text is all that it takes. Music? Photographer? Food? Then she tells me that she has never thought about those things. We have looked at websites for rings, hotels, and places to get married at.

I am open for ideas and thought on a wedding. I know that we can do anything we want we don't have to have a traditional wedding. We can have a hand fasting outside nakked in the rain if that is what we choose.

Any ideas, any thoughts.

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