Friday, July 25, 2008

No Work

Working as an agency nurse means that while I have the good times I also have the bad. The good times include higher pay, benefits, and the biggest choosing my own schedule. I do not have to ask for time off, for vacations, for family events, and I can choose where I want to work. If one place is full of politics, and backstabbing I don't have to put up with it.

Now for the bad times. If the patient load drops I am one of the first cancelled. Sometimes that means that I don't get the hours in a week to pay for gas. This week so far I have managed to get in 16 hours. I still have Saturday and that is usually when more support staff is needed. So I am hoping to pick up a shift tomorrow but as of now the only place that they need me is a place that I won't go.

The place that needs me is for a night shift tonight and even thought they are offering double time I won't set foot in the place. It is dangerous, I refuse to go there and face the possibility of loosing my license. The last time I went there I was the only one to show up for an evening shift that started at 1400 or 2pm. Day shift took off before they could be stopped, so it was me and one other person from days for 70+ patients. The rest of the shift staggered in when they decided to after a football game. There was to my knowledge there was not any form of punishment to the staff.

Goals meet
Clean Car
Ball exercises 150 total reps. 50 crunches 50 back crunches 50 push ups

On going goals
This weekend: Go Through my cookbooks and thin them out
Daily: Exercise
Next two weeks: Pay off a bill, have alignment done.


Hahn at Home said...

It sucks not getting enough hours in the work day, but at least you are in a really recession-proof industry!

I admire your scruples about turning the job down where patient safety isn't first - way to go!

Nulaanne said...

Thanks, it is hard to turn down something unsafe for that ammount of money.