Friday, July 04, 2008


I know that it is my fault that I had nightmares last night. Oh, they were not to scary just strange and disturbing. I had heads talking to me, slept in an unlocked shed surrounded by scary sounds types of dreams. I know what caused it.

I don't buy cable, and where I live I cannot pick up an air signal for TV, so if I want to see something, I can watch it on DVD or on the computer. Well, Honey told me that she thought I would enjoy watching Buffy. So I checked and the library has them on DVD, great. I got on the list and I have three weeks to watch an entire season. This is usually not a problem, however with vacation last week I now only have a few days to watch the shows. I cannot renew them as there are others waiting for the DVDs. So for the past few days that I have not worked I have been Buffy marathoning season 3.

That is where the dreams of the talking heads, zombies, giant bugs, and general creepiness has been coming from. So tomorrow I think I will start on the L-Word.

Happy 4th of July, may you not get to drunk when playing with explosives.

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