Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am back from our vacation in Idaho. There were some disappointments and lots of fun. The major disappointment was that B from NJ did not make it out there, her fight was delayed and by the time she got in to Atlanta she was stressed and had missed her connecting flight. All of this caused her health to spiral and she got sick. So she turned around and went back to NJ. I know that her health is more important than the trip but she was missed.

The town to had changed that is to be expected but we did not expect it to change in such a way that the bar we liked to hang out in now looks like a fish diner. The decore just looks so out of place for Hailey. We did not go in we just peeked in the windows it did not look like a place that knew how to mix drinks anymore.

Smokey Mountain Pizza is no longer in Hailey the restaurant is now a sushi place. I am not a fan of sushi I don't like the texture of the fish cooked that way. There is one of the pizza places in Ketchum. I don't know if it moved there or if there was always on there.

In Ketchum there is a needlepoint and knitting shop. I have wanted to go in there for ever so Honey and I went in. I was thrilled with all of the yarn but it was definitely a needlepoint shop. I do counted cross stitching and that is very different. I was so hoping to pick up some cloth or look at new patterns.

I did get spoiled there. Honey and I had lazy mornings together, and late nights (wink wink). We explored the land and found some very beautiful and unexpected places. I will post pictures when I get on my computer. We went for a walk along the Big Wood River and at the top of a hill there was a field full of blooming lupine. It was quiet, warm and peaceful. A place that neither one of us expected to be there.

It was there in that field that I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We are going to wait and take our time before setting a date. I love her so much that I want this to work out and I am willing to wait as long as it takes. She is worth it.


AskALesbian said...

Congratulations! How romantic. Thnaks for sharing.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Good for the two of you! I wish you bliss.

Nulaanne said...

Thank you both for your well wishes. We are both having fun talking plans.