Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Time Tomorrow

I will be waiting to get on a plane and then I will have a week with Honey. A whole week, 5 days. I am counting the hours now. She and I will be alone for part of the trip then our friend from NJ will be joining us.

Last night we talked a bit about not making NJ feel like a third wheel as this is the first time the three of us will be doing anything where Honey and I are a couple. I know that maintaining that balance is going to be hard but there are plenty of opertunities to tease each other as well.

We have a few plans but nothing that is set in stone. We are going to see the Birds of Pray, I did ask and no the birds don't have prayer beads. I know sounds like something Fozzy Bear would say, but some times things are hard to resist.

My mind right now is more along the lines of Animal... Oh Honey Look out

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