Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Some of you wanted my hot chocolate recipe. So I will type it up below but there are a few words of warning.

The first two ingredient's CANNOT be changed or substituted. If they are the bonding process does not work right and the chocolate is not smooth.

This is also very very fattening. I only make it when I have company over or go to a friends house. The recipe makes one measuring cup of the drink, this does not seem like a lot but because of the richness and the fat content I can drink about 1/4 of that and be happy.

Hot Chocolate or Mouth Orgasm in a Cup.

1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 cup heavy cream
3.5 oz dark or bitter sweet chocolate.

Simmer milk and cream until hot but not boiling. Add small chunks of the chocolate and stir until melted.

That is it. I do for my chocolate use the Lindt Dark Chili Chocolate bar, the chili adds something to the flavor and makes it just a bit better. I am very serious about not substituting the milk and the heavy cream for something with a lower fat content. The milk fats help with the chocolate and using a lesser fat content the flavor, thickness, and texture of the drink changes.

For those out there who might think about using fat free half and half don't. Fat Free half and half is nothing but skim milk with thickener. Anyway enjoy.

Meet Mabon

I went to the animal jail, and paid bond on an inmate. So this is Mabon. I don't know when she was born but she is full grown and does nothing but purr. Her previous slaves were mean to her and had her toes cut off so. So she is now in jail in a 2 bedroom apartment and not a small cell.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is this

The trip to NJ.

I got to Seatac and guess what my flight was delayed 20 min. That meant I would not make my connection in Oakland, I was going to meet Honey there and then we were going to fly out together to Denver, then Philly. I got a fight routing me to Denver so Honey and I meet up there and went on to Philly. The flights were OK but they are doing a huge renovation at the Philly airport and as I do not get out of my seat once I am in a plane it was quite fun waiting in line for the Portapotty.

Honey and I took a shuttle to B's house in Egg Harbor Twp. The Twp is to be short for Township to me it looks and sounds like twerp. So we to the house about 1am, relaxed talked a bit then off to bed.

In the morning Honey and I took B's car and went out shopping we both had things in mind that we wanted to make. Honey did most of the cooking and I know that she likes it. I did make fried green tomatoes and my hot chocolate. It had B moaning as she drank it and I told her that she has mouth orgasms. That made her turn bright red.

One thing that we found in her yard was a fungus that might just might be a east coast thing. I have never seen one like and Honey and I have spent the week trying to find out what it is. The thing is about a foot in diameter the pictures are above. The one at the top is a close up. Can anyone tell me what this thing is?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gone a week

I took my laptop to NJ with me and then found out that I could not get online at all. Even the Internet at my friends house was not working so I have been playing catch up on all things net wise that I do. So I am just going to give bullet points on the post until I get back into the swing of things.

No Internet sucked. What did I ever do before it was invented.

A week gone means changes when I get home. One big one is that a blogger I read has made her blog invite only and now I can't read her anymore and I loved reading about her life in Texas.

The fight out was delayed so I had to make another connection. Thank goddess I did not have to pay to be rerouted.

NJ was hot and humid, wish I would have had more time to check out some more antique shops. Went to the Borgada I just don't understand gambling. Next time I will take a book and try and find a quiet corner to read in.

Got all my fights back OK. On the last one there was a crazy woman. More about her later.

Now I have to start thinking about getting back to work today.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Recovering Kind of

I worked 4 12 hour shifts and then a 5th shift that was 6 hours. It was a work week from hell. Three out of the 5 nights we had someone fall, had a death, had lots and lots of isolation patients.

What I want to know is why the people who fall are not the 90lb 100 year old women but the 200+ lb men who are in their 60s. It is not fun picking their butts off the ground. Then they have the gaul to laugh and try and grab my boobs. I get to go back to this joy Thursday.

I was going to post more Sand in the City pictures but have decided that a little b!t(hing would be better for me. I am still sore and want to sleep, but I know if I do I will be up all day then have to stay up all night for work.

I wish this town had an all night coffee shop or book store.