Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts on a week

During the week I have so many thoughts that I want to post about and then when I finally get a chance to be on the computer I cannot remember most of them. I am sure that some of them are mundane "things" that happen during the work day. I am going to have to start keeping paper with me so I can make notes to myself.

I do know one of the things I want to put on here is about my girlfriend. What I want to write about is one of the reasons that I love her. We have a mutual friend who is not feeling well, and due to the medication that she is taking has gained some weight. My Honey who hates to shop went out and found her some clothes that will fit, and then mailed them off. Not only is she generous but she keeps my head out of the clouds, well most of the time.

I miss her so much. It is hard to have her so far away, I know that right now this is where we both need to be. I can deal with that.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not about food

My girlfriend who I miss so much was going to come up and see me in about two weeks. I was planing on taking her to some of my favorite places. I do know that not having seen her for so long chances are all she would get to see was what was on the drive from the airport to the hotel and then back.

She is now not coming out here and so our plans have to change. She is being sent to another state for a convention I get to go with her. The thing that is going to disappoint me the most is that she has to be in these meetings. I know it is all a part of life and having a relationship. I do understand that but I want to be selfish and keep her to myself. We have such short time together.

I was talking to a friend of mine about it and if I did not have the commitment that I now have up here. I would pack and move as soon as I could. We talk on the phone every night, but I am lonely for her. I am lonely for her touch, to see her wake in the morning, to tease her, to share my life with her.

I miss you my love.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweetness times two

I have given up High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), not as an experiment but as a life style change. In doing this for what is now just over a week I have noticed several things, changes, or whatever you want to call them.

The first is change that I have noticed is that I feel better, I am sleeping better, and I have more energy. For me the biggest plus is the sleeping. I have not been a good sleeper at night for a long time and now I am getting at least 6 or more solid hours of sleep a night. This I know has a lot to do with the increase in energy and the feeling better.

I have also noticed that I have a craving, and not for something specific. I don't want chocolate, candy, cake or ice cream. I just want something sweet. That is in its self odd, when I want something it is usually for something specific. So I am wondering if there is some type of withdrawal from the HFCS. I am going to have to do some more looking into this.

I am also looking and searching for good recipes for easy portable snack items. Yes, I know all about fruits and veggies. I do take them with me however, there are times that I want a granola bar, or something along those lines. Things that I cannot find with out HFCS in them I am looking to make and replace them with homemade items. I know that doing this will make me and my family healthier. I do know to that all of this cooking will take time and it will force me to slow down in my life that might be a good thing too.

The other sweetness is that the Governor signed the Domestic Partnership act. What this does is increases the legal benefits of same sex partners. This will cover things like, probate, trust, community property, homestead exemptions, guardianship and powers of attorney. This will also give domestic partners the right NOT to testify against their partner. This expands on the law passed last year that covered hospital visitation, inheritance rights when there is no will, the right to ask for an autopsy and decide on organ donation.

The law also covers ending the partnerships. That is set up much like a divorce, where property, children, debts ext. are considered by the secretary of state IF under 5 years. If the partnership is more than 5 years then the couple would go before superior court.

To count or prove a domestic partnership couples must share a home, be at least 18 and not married or partnered with someone else. All of this goes into effect June 12th.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh the Sweetness of it ALL

A trip down diet lane is like walking through a war zone. Everyone has their own opinion on what is to be eaten or not. Do eat bacon, don't eat bacon, only real butter, no only fake butter. Treats of candy no treats at all, meat, no meat. Eat veggies don't eat the (fill in a color) of food here. With all of this going on and what they are finding out about how the body works and what is does with food it should not be so confusing WRONG.

At work I get asked a lot "How fast will I heal?" The answer is very simple I don't know. Why? It is because my body will react to something very differently then yours will. There is no right answer. I think that is the same thing with diet and exercise. I like to lift weights but when I do I end up looking like Popeye. My son who lifts weights just tones up.

With that in mind at least the diet part I have decided to give up one thing. High Fructose Corn Syrup, it is a lot harder then it sounds. That stuff is in everything from canned veggies to BBQ sauce, soda, and well just read a label on something. What makes this hard is finding things that HFCS is not in. It is even in the so called diet items. There is a great article on this in the San Francisco Chronicle (see link). There is also a lot more reading out there on the web about it. One of the things it does is make you want to eat more than you think you should or want to. Anyway, don't believe me read up on it.