Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Time Tomorrow

I will be waiting to get on a plane and then I will have a week with Honey. A whole week, 5 days. I am counting the hours now. She and I will be alone for part of the trip then our friend from NJ will be joining us.

Last night we talked a bit about not making NJ feel like a third wheel as this is the first time the three of us will be doing anything where Honey and I are a couple. I know that maintaining that balance is going to be hard but there are plenty of opertunities to tease each other as well.

We have a few plans but nothing that is set in stone. We are going to see the Birds of Pray, I did ask and no the birds don't have prayer beads. I know sounds like something Fozzy Bear would say, but some times things are hard to resist.

My mind right now is more along the lines of Animal... Oh Honey Look out

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oly Pride

Today I went to my first ever Pride day. I did enjoy myself, I was kind of lonely it was a day that made me greatly miss Honey. I watched as couples danced, held hands, snuggled, and were just free to be their selves. It was a day where I badly missed her, some days are much worse than others, but I think that anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship will understand that.

I got there before the parade started and I am glad I did. The one or two of the bikes had the pipes blown and I could feel the vibration in the sidewalk. My town has such a small town feel that the parade would stop so that people who could get out and talk to friends that they recognized. Or the crowd would go up and talk to some one in the parade, little kids would go up to the cars or the dancers to get candy.

I got one complement on my shirt. I have a breast cancer shirt that says "Caught you looking at my tatas."

This bike is the one that I can see Honey riding, dressed in jeans, scruffy cowboy boots, and a black leather jacket. I think that she would enjoy the power and the feel of this one. As for me, I would ride on it but not drive it. These big ones scare me. I could have a Vespa and scoot about on it just fine. Honey would look funny on a Vespa, but on a Harley she would shine.

I did have one very hard time during the parade. It was when PFLAG went by. I know that my family is so anti-gay that when they find out about Honey I can kiss them all good by. IF they let me get that close. I wish that they could be more accepting but that is not going to happen.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tuesday night I went and got my hair cut and permed. Going to the salon is always some what interesting to me. I don't go to one of the $100 a hair cut places nether do I go to a $10 one. I go to one that would be considered average. Every time I go there whoever does my hair is pushing the product of the month or in this case the year.

Both this time and last time they used something in a silver bottle that smelled like grape gum. I use to love grape gum when I was nine. Now the smell is to sweet, and as I have a sever bee sting allergy, and work in the hospital I don't like to wear things with a strong sweet scent. So, when I ask them if it comes unscented I get this blank stare. When I explain why I don't wear scents they ask as if they understand what I am talking about. However, when I ask them after the try to get me to buy said product if it comes unscented they look at me as if I have lost my head.

Then they call it Product, as if that is the name of the product. Why do they do that? Is it to to sound more fancy? It sound more upscale? Or is it to drive people crazy?

Monday, June 16, 2008


I wrote out by hand a long tirade about my job and what I wish that people would understand about it. I however left it in the car and am right now not dressed enough to go out and get it. I will have to post it at a later date. Of course knowing me there will be some revisions to it. I can never leave things like that alone.

When I was in college my writing teachers all preferred my rough drafts to the finished work. People say that an individual is their own worst critic. For me I belief that is true in my writing and in my stitching. I never like what I write and I expect my stitching to be perfect.

One of these days I am going to have to put up a story that I have written so that anyone who wants to can see what I mean about not liking the way that I write. If it is something that I have to think about for a long time or work on repeatedly, then I know that I will not be happy with the end results.

This weekend was one where the Boy had some friends over. He loved it, I loved it. I have spent over $70 on pizza for them. Yes, most of them are on the HS football team. They did not eat all the pizza, but it does freeze nicely so I have some extras to pull out on an as needed basis.

Sunday I made the mistake of taking the Boy to Orca Books with me. He and the one kid who spent the night did not get to bed until 3am. So he was not in the mood to hang out at a book store. There were a lot of things there that I wanted to get but I limited myself to two books one for him and one for me and then Honey will get it mailed to her.

This picture I took with my new camera. It does prove that even tho we are getting a lot of rain and cold weather we are still in spring.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Long Distance

There are more times than others when long distance relationships are harder for me. Yesterday was one. I got at txt from Honey, and she desperately needed a hug. She later told me that she is working on something that is frustrating. She did manage to get one line and then almost a second one done today. I could hear it in her voice that this job was going to bother her until she gets it finished.

There are also the times when I see couples doing every day things together. Walks, grocery shopping the list could go on and on. I would love to be able to do that with her, and I know that one day we will. I just have to wait.

The good news is that it is now about 13 days before I get to see her again. Another waiting. Arrgggg!!

Just checked the time and I am going to be late for work have to run.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today is an unexpected day off. That sometimes happens the hospital is over staffed, or there are lots of empty beds. I think today it was over staffing. This will give me time to work on my projects that I have going on. I am working on a cross stitch of a painting called "Day Surrendering into Night". Honey picked it out, and while there are times it is sending me into fits I know that she will like it when it is done. If you want to see what it looks like here is the link .

I have a few other things that I am working one but I am not anywhere near ready to start thinking about.

Tonight my group of witches/pagans gathers to talk about what we have learned and still have to learn. I love going when I can. I missed the last one as it was a school function night. I want to bring up ley lines and how to find them. I know that Seattle is the only city that has them all mapped out. But when I am on vacation with Honey I want to see if I can find one there.

Just 16 more days until I get to hold her again. Oh it seems like forever since I last saw her. I know that is not the case but that is what it feels like.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The A-Z

Yes, I stole the questions from other sites but the answers are all mine.

A is for your age: Just turned 38

B is for your burger of choice: I have not found one to rave over, they are all about the same.

C is for the car that you drive:Plymouth Neon

D is for dog's name: I currently don't have a dog but they have been named, Woy-Woy, Eatm Eatm on the Floor, Moose, Queenie, Pudge, Snoozie, Buster, Duchess, Sparkie,Bandit, Bambi

E is for an essential item you use each day:Bio-silk as a leave in conditioner.

F is for your favorite television show: I don't watch TV so I don't know what is on. I do rent videos of TV shows and can't wait to watch the next part of L-Word

G is for favorite game:Any Zelda game, and Guitar Hero

H is for hometown:Olympia, WA

I if for instruments played:Guitar and Harmonica

J is for favorite juice:I like tangy juices pomegranate, cranberry, V-8 with Tabasco sauce to make it spicy

K is for what you'd like to kick: Gas Prices I would love to knock them down

L is for the last restaurant you dined at: Breakfast at the New Moon yummy. Then I know it is not a restaurant but we had dinner last night at Big Tom's it is a drive up take out. I loooove their milkshakes

M is for your favorite Muppet: Animal, Animal he is so cool.

N is for the number of piercings you have:Two one in each ear

O is for overnight hospital stays: Lots, I had pneumonia as a kid and would stay a few nights each time

P is for people you were with today:Everyone is still asleep so just me.

Q is for what you do in quiet times: Read, do crafts

R is for regrets:I regret secrets, I have some that I still have to keep just for a little while longer.

T is for the time you woke up today: The first time 5am then I went back to bed and slept until 8:454.

U is for what you consider unique:Without spell check my spelling.I also have to admit that my sense of humour is not normal.

V is for favorite vegetable:Green beans, no peas, no brussel sprouts, no green peppers, no jalapenos, no carrots, no mushrooms. I like a lot

W is for your worst habit:Voyeur, thank the blogs for blog. I also bite my finger nails

X is for x-rays you have had:Lots, chest for pneumonia, back for injuries, knee for injuries

Y us for yummy food you ate today:After I get off the computer I will make coffee, but I have not eaten anything yet.

Z is for zodiac sign:Gemini I am a twin, and I think that most people will say that fits me.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterday I was on my way to work, and I got stuck in a traffic jam that I thought I was never going to get out of. Let me explain. On I-5 here in Washington we have these blue signs with an AM radio station number on them, when the lights are flashing you tune in and find out what is going on.

Yesterday on the way to Tacoma just outside of Nisqually there is one of those signs so I tuned in and found out that at the bridge the two right lanes were closed due to a one car roll over. The truck (as it turns out) was hauling a camper trailer so it was blocking all the lanes. I did what any good person who does not want to get fired does, I called my work.

"This is me, tell the hospital that there is a bad accident and I will be late. No, I don't know how late. Thanks"

A few minutes later (by now I had been sitting there not moving for about 20 minutes) I get a call back from my company. "Hi, the hospital does not need you to come in today. They cancelled your shift last night but no one called to tell you. You can turn around and go home now."

Well, thanks. I have wasted gas, time, and I had about 2 more miles of sitting in this mess before I came to the next exit. So with not much I can do I turned on the radio to see if there was some good music on. The radio station was giving a traffic report. It turns out that in the camper the driver was hauling parrots, and they go loose. So everyone was out trying to catch the birds. AAARRRGGGG!!!!

What had me frustrated the most was the fact that my company knew Wednesday night that I did not have to be at the hospital in the morning and did not bother to tell me. I know that most of the staffers quit, and that we are working and breaking in new ones but it has been two weeks start putting it together.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I woke up this morning and it is raining here again. I know it should be no surprise look where I live. I personally like the rain, I love laying in bed and listening to it fall on the carport. The sound is relaxing and hypnotic. I know that when it rains it is usually a good day at work, the rain and the dark clouds seem to mellow the patients out.

I know I have been blogging about work a lot. I think I am starting to get a bit of burn out. It is not the patients, or the docs, or even the administration. I think it is me. I need a change. Not in the weather or where I live or even my job. Just some sort of change.

I am going on vacation for a week to Idaho but that is not until the end of June. I am so looking forward to that. My Honey said that I can get my birthday present then, and she has given me a good one. I miss her so much.

Yesterday at work as I was leaving the hospital I was following two women out, I could not see their faces but they made me feel so happy and sad at the same time. One of them reached over and took the others hand. They walked out of the hospital that way. I did notice people staring at them, and I sorely wished that Honey and I lived close enough that we could do that.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

News Media

I so looooove the news media, and I say that with all the eye rolling sarcasm that I can manage. A few months ago the news media was all over MRSA the big bad NEW scary staff infection. Schools closed when kids were diagnosed with having it. Everyone had to be on alert it was going to sneak up and bite you. Well, yes it is bad and nasty, yes it can make you very sick and even kill you. BUT it has been recognized as a disease sense 1968, everyone who has ever set foot in a hospital, a mall, or any other place where there are lager groups of people have come in contact with MRSA.

This time around it is all about C-Diff. C-Diff is one nasty scary bug it is hard to get rid of easy to get. For C-Diff all the had sanitizer in the world will not help. Only soap and water gets it off the skin.

This year we were to have had a horrible flu season, at least according to the news. I work full time in the hospital and I only saw 3 cases of diagnosed flu. Three out of more than a thousand patients that I have had sense December.

I think the news grabs a disease and runs with it getting their information from other news sources. If a disease comes out on the news and it makes you afraid. That is what they want, do what they don't want get informed. Go to medical web sites most of them are out there for everyone to read.