Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tuesday night I went and got my hair cut and permed. Going to the salon is always some what interesting to me. I don't go to one of the $100 a hair cut places nether do I go to a $10 one. I go to one that would be considered average. Every time I go there whoever does my hair is pushing the product of the month or in this case the year.

Both this time and last time they used something in a silver bottle that smelled like grape gum. I use to love grape gum when I was nine. Now the smell is to sweet, and as I have a sever bee sting allergy, and work in the hospital I don't like to wear things with a strong sweet scent. So, when I ask them if it comes unscented I get this blank stare. When I explain why I don't wear scents they ask as if they understand what I am talking about. However, when I ask them after the try to get me to buy said product if it comes unscented they look at me as if I have lost my head.

Then they call it Product, as if that is the name of the product. Why do they do that? Is it to to sound more fancy? It sound more upscale? Or is it to drive people crazy?

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Thanks for commenting on my blog! Actually the book club that I run I kinda fell into the job.

The person who used to run it stopped and I felt bad whenever I saw that it fell apart.

I'd suggest you go to your local gay community center and talk to the board members there about starting a book club! :)