Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oly Pride

Today I went to my first ever Pride day. I did enjoy myself, I was kind of lonely it was a day that made me greatly miss Honey. I watched as couples danced, held hands, snuggled, and were just free to be their selves. It was a day where I badly missed her, some days are much worse than others, but I think that anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship will understand that.

I got there before the parade started and I am glad I did. The one or two of the bikes had the pipes blown and I could feel the vibration in the sidewalk. My town has such a small town feel that the parade would stop so that people who could get out and talk to friends that they recognized. Or the crowd would go up and talk to some one in the parade, little kids would go up to the cars or the dancers to get candy.

I got one complement on my shirt. I have a breast cancer shirt that says "Caught you looking at my tatas."

This bike is the one that I can see Honey riding, dressed in jeans, scruffy cowboy boots, and a black leather jacket. I think that she would enjoy the power and the feel of this one. As for me, I would ride on it but not drive it. These big ones scare me. I could have a Vespa and scoot about on it just fine. Honey would look funny on a Vespa, but on a Harley she would shine.

I did have one very hard time during the parade. It was when PFLAG went by. I know that my family is so anti-gay that when they find out about Honey I can kiss them all good by. IF they let me get that close. I wish that they could be more accepting but that is not going to happen.

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BAHAHAHAHA I like your shirt too!

Oh and you describing your baby on that bike totally made me think of Jess like that -- YUM!!!