Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterday I was on my way to work, and I got stuck in a traffic jam that I thought I was never going to get out of. Let me explain. On I-5 here in Washington we have these blue signs with an AM radio station number on them, when the lights are flashing you tune in and find out what is going on.

Yesterday on the way to Tacoma just outside of Nisqually there is one of those signs so I tuned in and found out that at the bridge the two right lanes were closed due to a one car roll over. The truck (as it turns out) was hauling a camper trailer so it was blocking all the lanes. I did what any good person who does not want to get fired does, I called my work.

"This is me, tell the hospital that there is a bad accident and I will be late. No, I don't know how late. Thanks"

A few minutes later (by now I had been sitting there not moving for about 20 minutes) I get a call back from my company. "Hi, the hospital does not need you to come in today. They cancelled your shift last night but no one called to tell you. You can turn around and go home now."

Well, thanks. I have wasted gas, time, and I had about 2 more miles of sitting in this mess before I came to the next exit. So with not much I can do I turned on the radio to see if there was some good music on. The radio station was giving a traffic report. It turns out that in the camper the driver was hauling parrots, and they go loose. So everyone was out trying to catch the birds. AAARRRGGGG!!!!

What had me frustrated the most was the fact that my company knew Wednesday night that I did not have to be at the hospital in the morning and did not bother to tell me. I know that most of the staffers quit, and that we are working and breaking in new ones but it has been two weeks start putting it together.

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AskALesbian said...

Besides the fact that your trip to work sucked, I would have totally been trying to score a parrot! I just know I could have snagged a really great bird and given it a fabulous home. Damn! I miss all the good accidents.