Saturday, January 20, 2007

Work and more work

Work that is what I do to get paid. I work anywhere form 4 to 16 hours a day. With mom in a funk about having cancer and not wanting support from anyone other than her kids it gets to be a bit stifling. I leave work to come to work where I don't get paid.

Mom wants me to wait on her hand and foot. Like I don't get enough of that at the nursing home and the hospitals. I feel like I don't have a home anymore. Just 2 nursing homes that I go between.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Death it is

Well, the results are in. Mom does have cancer it is in 3 places and has metastasized ( I know I spelled it wrong). So now she is laying on the couch getting us to wait on her hand and foot. Like I don't do this enough at work. I am going to start working 6 days a week or even pull doubles so I don't have to deal with this crap. That sounds bad but I did not get into heath care to take care of my family I got into it to take care of others. This is pissing me off royally.

The Boy wants to have a friend over on Monday as it is the last day of finals. Mom is bitching about that. Well, this is not her fvcking house. I pay rent, power and buy the food. My bills have all doubled sense she moved in. Not only that but I have gotten behind on paying things that were not behind before June. I know I am bitching about things. But it needs to be done, it helps me keep my sanity.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life and Near Death

Mom went to the doc on Tuesday of last week for a check up. During the check up they took X-rays, on the X-ray the doc found a spot on her lungs. So this Tuesday she went and had a CAT scan for a better look. Mom thinks that she has cancer and is going to die. She goes to see what the results are today.

Sense last week mom has been moping about, lying around on the couch and not doing much else. It is like she has decided to die even with out hearing the results. There might not be anything wrong with her, it might have been just a mess up in the development process. Then again it might not be. Mom has been a 4 pack a day smoker for over 30 years. We won't find anything out for a few more hours. So I am going to watch a movie and do some cross stitch.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Borrowed from it Comes in Pints

I have a BIG FUCK OFF and I need to get it out. SO FUCK OFF HEATH CARE SYSTEM... I work in heath care nursing actualy and I cannot get heath insurnce, weekends off or holidays. So fuck off to all the people who hear what I do and think I have it made. Fuck Off to patients who dont listen then reinjure themseves and blame us. FUCK OFF to call lights, to idots who dont understand that pills do not cure all. FUCK OFF to doctors who get medical for free, when the nurses who do most of the work cant get shit. Fuck off the the patients who think they are the only sick people in the hospital- nursinghome. Fuck off to people who dont understand why sometimes I have to work nights. I would love to close the hospitals down at 5pm and let all the drunks who drive and hit trees lay there until they reopen at 9am. DONT THINK THAT WILL WORK.. FUCK OFF to the state government who makes it so that we have no recurse when a patent comes at us with weapons yet when we put up our hands to protect ourselves we get charged with assult. . . There is alot more I want to say but I have to get in bed to get to work.

Here is the link to It comes in Pints