Friday, January 19, 2007

Death it is

Well, the results are in. Mom does have cancer it is in 3 places and has metastasized ( I know I spelled it wrong). So now she is laying on the couch getting us to wait on her hand and foot. Like I don't do this enough at work. I am going to start working 6 days a week or even pull doubles so I don't have to deal with this crap. That sounds bad but I did not get into heath care to take care of my family I got into it to take care of others. This is pissing me off royally.

The Boy wants to have a friend over on Monday as it is the last day of finals. Mom is bitching about that. Well, this is not her fvcking house. I pay rent, power and buy the food. My bills have all doubled sense she moved in. Not only that but I have gotten behind on paying things that were not behind before June. I know I am bitching about things. But it needs to be done, it helps me keep my sanity.

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