Friday, January 29, 2010

Ranch House BBQ Yummy

I love me some good food. I really don't care what kind it is as long as it is fresh, tasty and yummy. So this past week a friend of mine and I went to the Ranch House BBQ. All I have to say about that place is OMG!!

OK, I will say a bit more about it. I will try to get my facts right but I might get some wrong it is not deliberate it is just because it is midnight and I need coffee.

First some history of the place. The Ranch House is run, owned by Amy Anderson and partner Melanie Tapia who has won several awards for their BBQ and has also been on the Food Network. They have competed under the name Mad Momma & the Kids, the awards include national, state, and they have even gone on to the World Championship in Ireland in 2000.

They opened the restaurant in 2004 about 10 miles or so out side of Olympia heading down HW8. Then in December 2007 disaster struck. The restaurant was taken out by a mudslide, still just inside Thurston County the ladies were not on the FEMA list for help, and the sites insurance did not cover "land movement". Many people were ready to say good by to the restaurant.

Just days after the disaster the Governor Hotel in downtown Olympia gave lease free the use of their empty restaurant space, and a fund was set up at a local bank to help with the rebuilding.

Feb, 2009 they were able to reopen on the original location, and the place is going strong. What does this have to do with food?

When I ate there I had the brisket sandwich with a side of coleslaw with vinegar and a side of beans. I could have licked the bean pot clean if they had let me back in the kitchen and beans are not my favorite. Also H and I split a platter of garlic cheese fries my mouth is watering just thinking of them. I was the only one who was not listening to how full I was and ordered a slice of home made BOURBON PECAN PIE. I died and went to BBQ heaven. I will be going back there are a lot more items to try.

If I were a food critic this restaurant would get 200 stars out of a possible 10. So anyone who is heading up this way wants a good place to eat and does not mind a short drive Ranch House BBQ is the way to go.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Some People

Last week I worked on a floor of the hospital that I get to work on every once in a while. I like working there it is busy, it flows and the nurses have time to help with patient care. So last week Patient A (now going to be referred to as PA) was admitted. PA is 97, has dementia to the point of only being oriented to self, and is jaundice. None of those is a cause to be admitted to the hospital.

I should explain that oriented to self means that the person does not know where they are, what year it is, who anyone is. All they know is that they are there, no one or nothing else exists. This is a very simple definition but it works.

So, back to PA. PA is in for a blood transfusion that is it, the patent is not eating, hardly drinks anything and just hollers for CG. PA yells for CG so loudly that the shouts can be heard over the entire floor. Now, there is a CG (short for caregiver, a personal one) none of the nursing staff has ever seen this CG the entire time that PA has been in the hospital, and it has been over a week.

I am telling you this is that CG is getting the entire staff at the hospital angry with him. Why?

The reason is simple, PA is in the last stages of life, and needs to go on to the Summer land. What we at the hospital are doing is worse than torture. PA does not understand the reason behind turning so not to get bedsores, does not understand taking of blood for labs, or the machines that peep all the time, or why strangers come in and out doing things. PA does know that this is scary and has no control over what is happening.

PA's power of attorney is CG. CG is a paid caregiver not a relative. The longer PA is alive the more money CG will get. The Dr. said that the only reason PA is in the hospital is because CG wants the money, and that CG is tired of dealing with PA. However, if PA goes into long term care then CG gets no cash ola.

OK so this post does not make a lot of sense. I just wanted to rant about how some people need to get their heads out of the money train a$$, and take a look at real life.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I am a Gemini

I think that my twins in the realm of Gemini are more like sextuplets.

On New Years Eve, a friend (H) and I went to Tugboat Annies for an Irish Hooley, that involves music, food, and drink. The Hooley started at 2pm and was to get over at 4pm midnight in Dublin. On the way there I decided to take the freeway, wrong choice it was dead stopped. So off to the surface streets I go. Now, H and I were to meet up at 12:45 to get to the restaurant by 1:00.

I hate to be late, hate it hate it hate it. So off on the streets I go. I have 10 minutes to get to her house and then ten to get to the restaurant. I will make it. Nope. This is what happened and shows just how crazy this girl can get.

At the first traffic light I come to I am the second car in the line. The light is green and the car in front of me is sitting there with the left turn signal on. We, are in the GO STRAIGHT lane. My phone rings and here is what I can remember of the conversation.

"Hello", I say.

"Hi." Its my brother. "Did you pay something on the ----- bill?"

"SONOFABITCH!!! Yes I did but I did not have the code so that I could not see the full amount."

"That is great, I went to pay it and most of it was taken care of." he says.

"Good how much was left on the bill? MOTHERFOGETTHEHELLOUTOFMYWAY!!" HOOOONK!!!!" Do I have to pay anymore or is it OK for now?"

"No its good. Are you honking your horn?"

"Yes, some DIPSHITFCKWAD is in the lane in front of me and won't go. He wants to turn left from the straight lane." HOOOOONNNNKKKK!!! "MOVEYOURASSYOUBASTARD!!! Shit the light just turned red."

"Oh OK, good to see that drivers are the same everywhere."

"Why the hell can't he pull up and turn around in the store on the corner?"

"I think that would be to easy."

"WOOHOOO! The left turn light just turned and he turned left in front of an SUV came inches from being hit."

"Well, thanks for paying on the bill, I will talk to you later."

"K. Bye."

Friday, January 01, 2010


The holidays are over. Life can get back to normal and I will fell like a human again, able to go and hang out at the bookstores and not get mobbed, get a cup of coffee and not have to rush because everyone else is in a hurry.

I worked the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and I work again tonight. I don't mind I mean it is just me and the animals. So this year I did not even decorate, kill a tree or any of that. It felt wonderful, I do admit that I missed the smell of the tree in the house but then to get that smell all I have to do is open the windows.

Mabon is becoming more relaxed around me. I don't know if her past owners were mean to her or not but she is just now starting to play with other things besides the red bug.

I hung my new calender up today. Honey got it for me for Christmas it is a Nene Thomas I love her art work.

I have been exhausted, the management decided that it would be a good time to trim all of the trees on the property. That is great but they did not give notice that the noise level was going to explode, if they had I would not have picked up extra shits. If I call out on an extra shift the hospital won't let me work over time for a year. Arrrggg!!!! It frustrates me to think about it. Oh well, they are not here today and I am off to bed. Night all.