Saturday, January 02, 2010

I am a Gemini

I think that my twins in the realm of Gemini are more like sextuplets.

On New Years Eve, a friend (H) and I went to Tugboat Annies for an Irish Hooley, that involves music, food, and drink. The Hooley started at 2pm and was to get over at 4pm midnight in Dublin. On the way there I decided to take the freeway, wrong choice it was dead stopped. So off to the surface streets I go. Now, H and I were to meet up at 12:45 to get to the restaurant by 1:00.

I hate to be late, hate it hate it hate it. So off on the streets I go. I have 10 minutes to get to her house and then ten to get to the restaurant. I will make it. Nope. This is what happened and shows just how crazy this girl can get.

At the first traffic light I come to I am the second car in the line. The light is green and the car in front of me is sitting there with the left turn signal on. We, are in the GO STRAIGHT lane. My phone rings and here is what I can remember of the conversation.

"Hello", I say.

"Hi." Its my brother. "Did you pay something on the ----- bill?"

"SONOFABITCH!!! Yes I did but I did not have the code so that I could not see the full amount."

"That is great, I went to pay it and most of it was taken care of." he says.

"Good how much was left on the bill? MOTHERFOGETTHEHELLOUTOFMYWAY!!" HOOOONK!!!!" Do I have to pay anymore or is it OK for now?"

"No its good. Are you honking your horn?"

"Yes, some DIPSHITFCKWAD is in the lane in front of me and won't go. He wants to turn left from the straight lane." HOOOOONNNNKKKK!!! "MOVEYOURASSYOUBASTARD!!! Shit the light just turned red."

"Oh OK, good to see that drivers are the same everywhere."

"Why the hell can't he pull up and turn around in the store on the corner?"

"I think that would be to easy."

"WOOHOOO! The left turn light just turned and he turned left in front of an SUV came inches from being hit."

"Well, thanks for paying on the bill, I will talk to you later."

"K. Bye."


eileen pennington said...

it's fantastic being a Gemini, is it not? LMAO :)

Nulaanne said...

Yes, I love it. I also noticed my brother was not at all bothered by me swearing at top volume in his ear.