Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Very Very Short Weekend

On Wednesday I picked Honey up at the Portland airport and by 330 we had checked into the hotel. Fade to black. . . . . . . .

Thursday morning after a late start we walked to the Portland Coffee House for coffee and a pastry. Then we got the car and drove up Burnside to the Sylvan Hills. We drove about and then went to the zoo.

It was a beautiful day for the zoo not to cold, not to windy, not to rainy. We saw bald eagles, an 8 month old baby elephant named Sam. Had lunch in the cafe, and watched the birds in the aviary. There were some very beautiful ones in there. After we ate we found the Lorikeet's where for a dollar juice could be bought to feed them. We opted not to but the children who were feeding them were mobbed by the birds. That was such fun. The penguin place stunk as usual, the Sea Lions were huge and had to poo. The Sea Otter was soooo cute and the polar bear had a ball the she just had to play with. We saw the zebra, giraffe, leopard that was trying to cough up a hairball. The wolves had what the zoo called a fresh carcass, to me it looked like an uncooked rack of ribs. Because of the construction all of the big cats were not out. The zoo is building them new homes and the same with the primates. Some were out like the chips ,others were not because of construction on the new homes. Oh, and can't forget the neekkeed mole rats, they were ugly buggers.

We did not ride the train to the Rose or Japanese gardens it was starting to rain and the temperature dropped. So we got back in the car and went to Powell's. I got out of their with only spending $31 on books. I did have a cup of coffee and we split a flourless chocolate cookie that was oh so rich.

We then went back to the hotel rested just rested, get your minds out of the gutter. We walked a bit downtown and went to Kathleen's of Dublin. Where there were lots of cool shopping things. For dinner we had pizza at a place across from the hotel it was yummy. Then back to the room to sleep. JUST SLEEP.

Friday morning we woke early and got out of there late. I got the car while Honey ran and got some coffee for us both. Then we went to Voodoo Donuts. I got a Dirty Old Bastard, a Triple Chocolate Penetration, and two Bacon Maple Bars for my brother. Honey got a Dirty Snowball, that she said was very very good.

On the way home we stopped at the Toutle River as Honey had not seen how when Mt. St. Helens erupted what it did to the land. As we were walking along the river gathering rocks, she stopped and said.

"Look a bald eagle! Its a bald eagle."

"Yep,"I shrugged."They are all over the place." Well she gave me a look like I was either nuts or just did not care. I told her later that they are all over the place there is a nesting pair in Oly and then when we got home my brother told her about the one he saw when he was working that was trying to get a house cat. She told me that in CA it is still rare to see one. They are so beautiful.

Anyway, I had to show off my town just a bit. So we went to the Farmers Market where I bought her some tulips. Then we went to Earth Magic where the owner Ray showed me some very beautiful stones. I bought one for Honey, then Ray gave her a stone for safe travel and to ease her worries.

I took her to Shipwreck Beads where she bought a jade stone that a clasp to make it into a necklace. The library as I don't have a printer and she needed to print her ticket. Fred Meyer's to get an avocado for dinner.

When we got home my brother had fixed pulled pork tacos for dinner YUMMY! After dinner we walked down to the lake and as it was near dark the fish and other animals were out feeding on the bugs. We stood and watched as the night life came awake around us. Honey asked me about the big dragonflies. I had to tell her that they were not dragonflies but bats. Small bats. I guess where she lives they don't have any bats or a limited number of them. At the lake there were about 15 eating the bugs.

On Saturday I had to take her back to Portland to catch her flight. I kept asking her if I could kidnap her, but I understand about responsibilities. Then as we got past Kalama, there on an old support for a shipping dock was a nest and in the nest a pair of bald eagles.

I do have pictures of the zoo, and the tulips that I will post later.

I am so glad I got to be there with her when she saw the eagles and the bats. I love sharing new things like that with her. Honey, remember the fireflies? It was a very very short weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday and Counting

I have not been around as much as I would have liked last week. I ended up working 5 12 hour shifts on the med/surg floor and all I could do was work and sleep and eat. So today I took today off and I went over to some friends house. We were to have played at game and a few other things but went shopping instead.

I looked for what I wanted but everything came in a set and I don't want a set I want one piece. That is hard to find so I think I am going to go looking at Goodwill, and Value Village for what I want. Most of the department stores charge way to much for a dish anyway. One of the ones I looked at was $25 for something that holds less than a half a cup. OK so when it comes to dish wear I am into cost effective but still want something good looking. Am I asking to much?

So far the plan is that on Wednesday I pick up Honey at the airport in Portland. I know I keep going on and on about seeing her but it has been YEARS! OK, not really but it seems like it. I am so excited I want everything to be perfect.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not a Wordless Wednesday

I had a very pretty picture all picked out for here and then when I woke up realized that I had to much to post about.

Lori over at Hahn at Home asked me if to let her know if Powell's is wonderful it is. Lori if you get up to Portland on your trip to Oregon you will want to go there. There are several off shoots but the main one is on Burnside and it is called Powell's City of Books. They are not kidding. The place is an old converted building that takes up the enter city block. I do have some advice if you drive and park see what color entrance that you go in at. If you don't do that you might have trouble finding your car. The place is so large that there are maps of the building so that it is easier to find what you are looking for.

When I got off work today, well OK last night when I was at work I realized that it was only a week 7 days until I get to see Honey again. I am so excited about that.

This afternoon when I was sleeping the house passed the "everything but marriage" bill. The Olympian has a short write up about it here. After the Governor signs it into law and she is expected to Domestic Partners will have all the rights and responsibilities that the state offers to hetero couples.

So not a Wordless Wednesday but I still have to put the picture up.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Extiting News

Yesterday Honey found out that she does not have to go to Chicago for a business trip. I was waiting for that news. So now on the 22nd she is going to fly into Portland. We are going to spend Wednesday and Thursday there. Then on Friday come home to Oly for the night then on Saturday we have to go back to Portland so she can fly home. I already hate Saturday.

For Portland we have plans. We are going to go to Powells City of Books. One of my favorite places in Portland. The store is so large that they have a mayor. Woohoo!!! I get to see Honey and make a list of books I want to get not much else can be better.

We are also talking about going to Washington Park. There is the zoo, the International Test Rose Garden, Hoyt Arboretum and lots of other places to see. There are two trains that run through parts of the park from the zoo. I will have to do more looking into those, I know that one of them has great views of Hoyt and the zoo.

Then Friday morning before we head up to Oly we are going to make a donut run. I will eat donuts but not very often unless they are Voodoo Donuts. I have heard that at one time this shop was on Food Network but I have not seen the show and if it was on there I am sure that they did not talk about the specialty donuts. If you want to see what I am talking about go to the site and look at the menu.

As for my goal. From last Tuesday to this Tuesday I have lost 2 pounds. WOOHOO!! I GET TO SEE HONEY!!!!