Sunday, November 29, 2009

Like Most

Like most people at this time of year I have no desire to write, or not much of one.

Two weeks ago Honey came up for a visit I am so tired of being so far apart but for now I can't afford to move and well she can't. When she was here I realized that when we do get to finally be together that it will work out. I was afraid that it would not because she does not like Brussels Sprouts, but I realized that we can work around that. No, the week went very well. We went out to breakfast at my favorite breakfast restaurant the New Moon Cafe. Then wandered about downtown, going where we both wanted to. I did make her go into the comic book store, I am such a geek.

Then at night we made dinner, read to each other. I bought her a copy of my favorite Christmas book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. We read that to each other while drinking some really good petite Shara. We watched a movie or two, and just hung out. I loved that week. It seems like forever ago.

Today the 29Th my son turns 18, so I am making me a cake as I am the one who did all of the work. Packing him around for 9+ months (he was 3 weeks late), puking my guts out, pushing out a nine pound kid out of a little tiny hole, and he was just there for the ride. So, I am making me a Red Velvet Cake my most favorite cake in the world. Then later today myself and some friends of ours are going to try and utterly humiliate him, long distance as he is going to school in another state.

Mabon, my cat is getting use to me. She in starting to sleep on the bed and become more playful.

Work is... I hate working during the holidays. Do you know what the major complaint of people coming to the hospital is during this time of year? Nausea and vomiting!!! Big surprise, OD on turkey, pie, other rich foods and drinks. Then what happens, the body revolts. All, we can do unless it is something like pancreatitis or appendicitis is let them puke in a bucket and give I.V fluids until all the food and drink is gone. Sorry, about that rant.

Jude, you have my support and I am pulling for you.

Next week I work 6 days. Whoohoo 6 twelve hour shifts, two on, one off, four on. I think I am going to say something stupid to a patient. I hope not. I will have to remember to write up a post about my work pet peeves sometime.

Well, I need a nap before I start the cake and the rest of my day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Thank you to our Veterans. You make my heart soar, and weep. Thank you for all that you have done, will do and will continue to do.

Friday, November 06, 2009

A Storm

When I went to bed today I was laying there almost asleep when thunder shook my windows it was so loud that I thought I was going to have to duck and cover. Then I heard what I thought was someone tossing rocks at my window. It was not rocks, all I can say is that I am glad my car was under the carport.