Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and gifts

For Thanksgiving we went to Portland. It was the usually ball of fun, dinner, laughter, not enough sleep. The day after we went to an outlet mall south of Portland. I did not buy anything, the boy got a hoody and a wallet. I do think that he could have done better on the wallet but it was his choice. In the evening my cuz and I went to Powells. The one downtown, I love that place. When my girlfriend comes up here, I plan on taking her there. All the books, the coffee. I did get off lucky this time I only spent about $45. Not bad when I can spend what Bruce Willis makes on a bad day there and still not have enough money.

My brother hooked me up to his family plan account and got me a new cell phone. I have to drive all over the state and as we are to get snow tonight he did not want me driving the back roads without a phone. He also got one for the Boy for his birthday, and each of us got a bluetooth. It feels strange to have that hooked to my ears but oh well.

Other then not having money right now, and not having any in the for see able future life is not bad. I have a good kid, a woman who loves me what more can I want.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Last night was a Shadowrun night. I do like to play RPG's they are a lot of fun. The only thing that I don't like about this group is that they seem to be fascinated by lesbians. All of them, even the girl who is a friend of mine. The three guys will talk about it a lot, who is one, who they think is one. It is almost as if they are trying to be cool. The people that I play with are all geeks in one form or another. There are two nurses, the woman H, her husband is going to collage for computers, and then there is the retired military MP. He can be a scary guy. I do think that he wishes he was still in the military.

I don't know how to handle it when they go on and on about jokes. I will admit some of what they say is funny, the other hurts. I know that they are not doing it to be mean, that they are just talking and trying to be cooler than they are. We only meet every other week so that does make it a bit better.

My girlfriend does not play. I think she would like it, but she lives to far away. I hate that, I know that she does to. I also know that for right now there is nothing we can do about it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


All has been quiet here. I have been working a lot so that means sleeping as well. I never did get the cleaning done that I wanted to but I did get some done.

Last night I made fudge before going to work and it is going fast. The boys seem to like it, they find it strange that it is made with Velveta. Sounds odd but it does taste good.

A good friend of mine is not feeling well. That always makes me feel angry, sad, and frustrated. I know that what she has will never go away and that this is progressive, and that her "spells" are part of the disease. I do wish that she would communicate to her doctor, BF, and family more honestly. They might be able to help get the "spells" under a bit more control.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I have been working like crazy up in Morton this week. The nice thing about it is that there are some very very slow times so that I have been able to work on my counted cross stitching. I know it is not very exciting but it keeps my mind off of other things like how much I miss my girlfriend.

We are going to LV, and I am both excited and nervous about this trip. I think that is a lot of the the fun, she is teasing me about flying out there. She knows that I do no t like to fly so she is asking me if I want to sit next to her or a stranger. Well, her of course. I mean if I get sick, I want to do it on her shoes not someone who I don't know. I know TMI.

Saturday I have declared it CLEAN THE HOUSE day. It is not that bad but I do have to make a day of it or I will never get the floors mopped.

Friday, November 02, 2007


It is driving me crazy not having a computer. I know I can get online at the library or on my brothers computer however the library blocks sites that I would like to check out. Some of them are stores, like I can't access that site. Even some books at Amazon are blocked from coming up. I hate it.

I do have some shifts set up for next month and after December I can start saving toward a new laptop.

Thursday in the mail I got a beautiful piece of jewelry from my girlfriend, it has her birthstone in it. She said that I might want to get a silver chain for it, as it is now on a silk cord. I think she is right, I had to take it off in the shower so that the cord would not be ruined. I have some gold chains but not a silver one. I will have to look around as see what I can find.