Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and gifts

For Thanksgiving we went to Portland. It was the usually ball of fun, dinner, laughter, not enough sleep. The day after we went to an outlet mall south of Portland. I did not buy anything, the boy got a hoody and a wallet. I do think that he could have done better on the wallet but it was his choice. In the evening my cuz and I went to Powells. The one downtown, I love that place. When my girlfriend comes up here, I plan on taking her there. All the books, the coffee. I did get off lucky this time I only spent about $45. Not bad when I can spend what Bruce Willis makes on a bad day there and still not have enough money.

My brother hooked me up to his family plan account and got me a new cell phone. I have to drive all over the state and as we are to get snow tonight he did not want me driving the back roads without a phone. He also got one for the Boy for his birthday, and each of us got a bluetooth. It feels strange to have that hooked to my ears but oh well.

Other then not having money right now, and not having any in the for see able future life is not bad. I have a good kid, a woman who loves me what more can I want.

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