Sunday, June 01, 2008

News Media

I so looooove the news media, and I say that with all the eye rolling sarcasm that I can manage. A few months ago the news media was all over MRSA the big bad NEW scary staff infection. Schools closed when kids were diagnosed with having it. Everyone had to be on alert it was going to sneak up and bite you. Well, yes it is bad and nasty, yes it can make you very sick and even kill you. BUT it has been recognized as a disease sense 1968, everyone who has ever set foot in a hospital, a mall, or any other place where there are lager groups of people have come in contact with MRSA.

This time around it is all about C-Diff. C-Diff is one nasty scary bug it is hard to get rid of easy to get. For C-Diff all the had sanitizer in the world will not help. Only soap and water gets it off the skin.

This year we were to have had a horrible flu season, at least according to the news. I work full time in the hospital and I only saw 3 cases of diagnosed flu. Three out of more than a thousand patients that I have had sense December.

I think the news grabs a disease and runs with it getting their information from other news sources. If a disease comes out on the news and it makes you afraid. That is what they want, do what they don't want get informed. Go to medical web sites most of them are out there for everyone to read.

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