Friday, May 30, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Yesterday even tho I posted and went about my day I was in a rather "whatever" mood. I was so bad that I had people commenting on it. It lasted until I talked to Honey last night, I think we had fun but I am moving to far forward.

I got home and we had chicken for dinner and I was still in that funk. I made lemon bars, yummy. My brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I did the honorable thing and lied, I told him I don't know, when I knew what I wanted. W hat if you could have your hearts desire would you want? World peace does not count. This is for a selfish wish, the new car, Pyrex measuring cups, or whatever you want but that you cannot say.

Then took a long hot bath. When I was in the tub my phone started to chirp, I had missed a call or a txt. Not in a hurry to get out of the water I let it annoyingly beep for about 20 minutes. After I got dressed I picked up the phone to see why it was beeping and it rang almost made me toss it across the room it startled me so much. It was Honey. She and I talked about things for a while, the news, NY decision on recognizing gay marriages from out of state, the whale in The Sound. Then just before our phone batteries died she told me what my birthday gift is going to be. I just have to wait for it. That is a month until I can collect, and Honey if you are reading this I will collect.

She is giving me one of the most wonderful things she can. She knows what it is and I know what it is and if you have any imagination you can figure it out.

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