Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay Marrage in California

This morning and until I had my lunch break I held my breath. The TV in one of my patients rooms is kept on the news and every time I would go in there I would look to see what story was on. It was not until I went to lunch and was able to get on the Internet that I read the news. I was so thrilled and happy when I went back out on the floor that people kept asking me if I had gotten good news. Good News, Wonderful News. When I move to CA in a few years Honey and I have the option of getting married. No worrying about hospital visits, decisions, legal issues. I know that I live in Washington and that we have rights as partners but not as wife and wife. There is to me a big difference.

What has me so excited about CA judges upholding marriage is that CA is a trend setting state for a lot of things. Laws, what is "cool", even my work is influenced by what CA hospitals are doing. Tonight I will celebrate a victory for love, and commitment. I would love to crash a lesbian wedding and celebrate with them. Share there joy at being happy.

4 to 3. Thank you to those 4 California judges. Thank you very very much.

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