Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back from the Windy City

Tuesday I left for Chicago and the flight out was ok. I was more excited about seeing my honey then being scared on the plane. I did have a nice smooth flight out and that for me is a great thing as I am not a good one to fly.

I got to the airport and because it was O'Hara the gate where Honeys flight landed changed about 5 times before I got to the right terminal. That is ok because I got in about 30 minutes early just enough time to grab some coffee to help steady my nerves. She flew in with her boss and so we all shared a cab ride over to the hotel. That was a bit awkward as all I wanted to do was touch her.

That is ok once we got into the hotel room there was a lot of touching. She did have to leave and go to the meetings, but we both new that was a part of the deal. I did hate it, but at least she got to come back to me.

On Wednesday we walked to Lake MI as she has never seen any of the great lakes. I love being able to share experiences like that with her. We then went back to the room for more never mind. We also went and saw Wrigley field. I am not a baseball fan and neither is she but it was a neat old building. It is to bad that it is going to be torn down.

Coming back was hard. The flight out was rough lots of turbulence and the seat belt light remained on for most of the flight.

It is not the flight that made it bad coming back home. It is that my Honey and I had to say good by again. I miss her so much, I have an ache that just won't go away when she is not here.

There is good news, we are going to be having a week together at the end of June. A week no meetings, no plans just being together. Then she is talking about December and seeing if we can get tickets to go to and see Cher. I am hoping that these trips will make the time seem shorter until we can actually live together and not have to worry about long good bys.

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