Sunday, May 11, 2008

I did it

I know that to some who have been blogging for a while that getting links added are no big deal but I have added a play list. It was had to choose the music that I like to fit on here. Of course there are some songs not on there. The artists are not popular or the songs are not well known. I tried to add some James Cotton, Charlie Musslewhite but as they are blues only a few songs of theirs are on there, and they are not the best choice.

In June, my Honey and I are getting together for a whole week ok well 5 days. I can't wait, I have plans. We are not going someplace exciting we are just going to a small town in Idaho this trip is to relax and just be together. No meetings, no deadlines except to catch our flights back home.

I am also thinking about going to SF for a weekend. There is a glass artist who is going to have a huge display at the de Young. His name is Dale Chihuly ( ) he has some very beautiful glass out there. I will admit that some of it is just plain strange but then he is the artiest and it is his vision not mine. There are some pieces that I would love to see. I will have to see how finances are.

I am also fighting a cold this weekend. I was going to work yesterday but woke up with no energy and a sore throat. Thank the Goddess that today it is nearly gone. Being sick did accomplish one thing I got my bedroom cleaned. I lost the DVD remote and had to find it. Of course it was the only thing under the bed, along with a lost sock, and a newspaper.

Today is Mother's Day wooohoo. Can you hear the sarcasm in that. I don't understand holidays like this, and yes I am a mother. I do have to say that right now the sun is out and that is a wonderful surprise.

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