Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am amazed at the things people do to themselves. At the hospital a lot of the patients that I see come in with things that they could have prevented. There is a kid who is going to loose both his legs because he used a dirty needle and then did not seek treatment when the injection sites got infected. The 2 pack a day smoker who goes out of the hospital to smoke and when he comes back inside has to have breathing treatments just so his lungs don't stop working.

There are illnesses, accidents, births, operations that come through. I want out of the medical field but I am scared to leave. I know that the EDs are full of people who should go to their Dr. not the hospital. I know how many empty beds that we have on a given day. I also know that because I am in nursing, that if there were an outbreak or a natural disaster of some sort and my son or I needed treatment we would get it. Only so that I could keep working, to take care of everyone else out there.

I work in a 200 bed hospital, and twice last week we had to shut the doors because we had people in beds on the halls, and not just in the ED. Not good. What if there were a disaster, or an outbreak. We would have to send them away. I know that because we were full that meant the other 3 hospitals in the town were full too. Scary.

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Seda said...

Thank you for your work there. It's a tough job, but so meaningful and important for so many. May it bless you.