Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today I went for a walk to the lake. There are two places that are public access. The park where I went and the boat launch. The park is not a fancy one by any means. There are a few picnic tables, a paved path, and a few clearings. The rest of it is trees. Most of the people who use this park go there to let their dogs swim or for some solitude. I went there to read and to take a few pictures. I did get another idea for a goal when I was there. I want to go to every city, state, county, and national park with Honey and make out.

I know there are thousands of parks and it could take forever. I'm up for that.

Exercise, 150 reps on the ball and walked to the park. One half my cookbooks are gone through I am so far keeping 6 that I know of.

TWO WEEKS pay off bill, alignment on car.
LONG TERM make out with Honey at every park

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