Sunday, July 20, 2008


Saturday I went out to the local berry farm and got a flat each of black and raspberrys. Now I know for all of us who grew up on the small wild hard to find blackberrys that the ones that are farm grown are not the same. The taste is a whole diffrent experance. Wild blackberrys are so yummmmmmmmmmmy. Oh, maybe next Saturday I should go into town and have breakfast at the Blue Moon they have wild blackberry jam. That alone is worth it.

What I did with all the berrys was freeze them. They joined a flat of strawberrys that I did a few weeks ago. Next weekend is blue and marionberrys. They to will get frozen. I use them all of them for cobblers, smoothies, muffins, and pancakes(well just the blueberrys for that one). But still, they are so good so tasty. I don't know about boysenberrys I have not seen them in a while. I don't know if people are not growing them or if there is an other problem with the crop. Weather, and pollination can drasticly have an effect on the berry season.
There are two posts tonight I wanted one but I could not get Honeys hand picture in this post. I guess the program I was using has a "thing" about that.

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