Saturday, July 05, 2008

Normal, everyone, beverbody

I was reading Tina's Blog her post of today gave me the idea for today's post. In her blog she talks about a class that she is taking go read it if you have not yet done so.

I have never met anyone "normal" no matter what people think or say. There is in my opinion no such thing as normal. Based on our prospectives we all see, hear, and react to things in a different manner. There can be statistics that show what is average. Such as number of cars owned the average can be 2. However, that is not "Normal". I know people who do not own cars and others who have 20.

This leads to "everyone/everybody". We have all hear at some point in our lives that phrase; "Well, everyone/body does (fill in the blank)." No, they don't. I have not met everyone/body and I am pretty sure that even with the Internet that is not possible to do. So how the hell could whoever said that know that. Do they mean that everyone they know does/wears that? Do they mean that people on TV as everyone/body is their point of reference?

I am not normal, everyone/body and I am happy that way. I might have some average things in my life but I would hate to be that person who is not unique, or has something about them that is special. I love being different, being me, being an individual, I don't want to fit into the cookie cutter of what someone, or TV has decided that I have to fit into. I LOVE ME!

Yes, there are somethings that I want to change, I think that a lot of people want to make some changes in their lives. But I sill love me.

2 comments: said...

Amen! I'm so sick of people putting themselves above others. For ANY reason.

I'm no better than anyone and NO ONE is better than me.


Excellent entry! :)

Nulaanne said...

Thanks Tina this has been a big pet peeve of mine for years.