Thursday, July 31, 2008

Directional Devices

They are everywhere. In the cell phone, the handheld gaming systems but more importantly in cars. What are they? Talking GPS systems.

The ones that you program in your home address then the address of the grocery store that is three miles away, and that you go to every Friday for their deal on chocolate cookies. The idea on how they work is great, listen to the voice and never get lost. The voice is a polite computer safe voice. One that is not grating on the ears, one that is attention getting, one that is commanding.

Program in the directions and hear (depending on the system) "turn left on Main st. in half a mile turn right on 12Th Ave. in one mile turn left on Elm st. in point 5 miles you have reached your destination." Great. I don't want one in my car.

Give me a realistic one. Program in the home address the destination address and this is what come out of the speaker. " What the, you want me to tell you how to get some place 3 miles from here. Jeez, what happened to you? Do you need me to tell you how to put your pants on. OK turn left on Main st. No, left your other left. Turn right on 12Th ave not that street that is 10Th. Crap now I have to reprogram new directions."

If the companies that made the directional devices built one like that I would buy it just to have it annoy people.

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dykewife said...

i'm the map reader in our family. i think that all of the gps systems modelled themselves after me. i'm a fabulous co-pilot. :)

The Guy Who Writes This said...

It will probably result in weakening the human mind even more, just like how calculators have shown people they don't need to know how to do mental math, and how some people can't spell worth a darn without a spell checker.