Sunday, August 03, 2008

The list, L K, and Berrys again

I am not a list person nor am I an A type person. In fact on the alphabet scale of person types I am more of an L or a K type personality. What I did was I actually made a list of things that I want to one day blog about. That is where the list comes in at, I wrote it up at work when my patient was sleeping. It was so warm and quiet in there I needed something to do to keep me awake. So I have this list one and a half pages long, why am I not blogging about anything on that list? I wrote it down so I would not have to remember it, good plan. The list is in the car.

L or K type to get the list I would have to go into my bedroom find the keys, put on some type of footwear, walk out to the car, unlock the door, find the notebook, lock the car, walk back to the apartment, take off footwear, walk to the computer, decide what topic that I want to post about, and then type it up. That sounds to much like work to me.

Oh this week I froze a flat of blueberries and I talked to my supplier, they are going to get in boysenberry's. Last year none not one boysen, this year I am going to get me some.


dykewife said...

or you could make a new list to have at home.

Anonymous said...

blueberries are wonderful. i helped a friend of mine at their blueberry farm the past couple of months. the berries will be gone soon. glad you got some. they are so good for everyone. you sound pretty friggin' cool. :)