Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a week

I have changed my work schedule from having the weekends off to taking Sundays and Mondays off this month. So on Tuesday my alarm goes off at 4am and then the phone rings, the hospital does not need me. Great nap time, every 10 minuets until 7am the bloody phone rang with calls from work. So I finally get a little more sleep get up at 10 and at 1445 I get a call they need me to come in and work of the evening. Great but evening shift starts at 1400 and at that time of day it takes me an hour to get to the hospital. They are OK with that. SO I work until 2245 head home get to bed at about midnight. The alarm goes off at 4am Wednesday.

For what happened on Wednesday see above.

Thursday the alarm goes off at 4am. I think what idiot turned that thing on and went back to sleep. I sleep alone I am the idiot. 5am I wake up in a panic, call the hospital and guess what they need me for the day shift. That starts at 6am, I can get there in time IF I leave in 15 minutes. No breakfast, no COFFEE, no lunch, but I made it. Worked until 1430 drove past my house for an appointment at 1600 got there early so I got out of there early. Went home and zoned out until 1800. Talked to Honey on the phone, made a mad dash to get ready for the book club.

Book club this was my first meeting and I am the youngest one there. The average age of them seems to be about 65. Me I am not even 40 yet. The book club was some of what I expected some not of what I thought it would be like. We had read Little Heathens this month. Next months is Out Stealing Horses.

Friday I worked a day shift, tried to do laundry I have to go to a laundry mat. My bank was having a "little glitch" with the computer and so as I had used all my quarters to wash I had 5 loads of wet laundry to deal with. Hours later they got the "little glitch" fixed. I did not have to wait that long to get the laundry dry I got to borrow some quarters from my brother.

Then yesterday I worked a day shift. Ran some errands and fixed dinner. Talked to Honey and Passed out cold until about 830 this morning. That has been my week.

A side note I talk to Honey every night even when I work a double. On the goals my car goes in Monday for an alignment. That means I have a day at home where I can clean the apartment. Woohoo

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