Monday, August 25, 2008

Sand in the City

This weekend was Sand in the City. It is a benefit for the Children's Museum, every year they have a theme, and this year it was movies. When I went there yesterday it was between down pours so I am sure that on Saturday the sand sculptures were a bit more defined. It was still incredible to walk thought and see what each person or team had come up with. I love the look on the dogs face that is getting the shot.

Sir Hissss from Robin Hood

King Kong, Evolution in Engineering

Not sure but I think it is Cats and Dogs

Verne from Over the Hedge

Hammy from Over the Hedge

R.J. from Over the Hedge


dykewife said...

that's amazing. it always astounds me how people can create such neat things with sand when i can barely make a dumped over pail remain intact.

when i saw the snake i immediately thought of kah from the jungle book. sir his always wore a puffy little blue hat and a capy-collar kind of thing. though i've always wondered, how that stays up since he has no shoulders.

Nulaanne said...

Your right the snake is Kah. I love Robin Hood and I forgot that the others around the snake were King Louie, and the bear.