Friday, August 15, 2008


It is almost midnight here and it is to hot to sleep, to hot to eat. I would love to be able to climb in the freezer and cool off. Tomorrow it is to be about 105, we don't have air conditioning it is not often that we get heat like this. I should be in bed, I have to get up in less then 4 hours for work but everything is sticky. It is as if the lakes were about to boil, the rivers are still cool, but the beaches are full. I live in a small city, I would hate to live in Portland or Seattle right now, the heat rising from the black top would only make it worse.

I am so looking forward to the fall when the rains come again. I do miss the rain, the cool breezes, football season. It is even to hot to blog. So I will leave a pic of what it feels like outside right now.

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The Guy Who Writes This said...

Though it's only in the upper 70s here, it's hot to me. I moved here for the gloom and I long for its return.