Friday, August 29, 2008


Assaulted, this past week I have been audio assaulted more times than I can count. It started Monday. After I went to the library to work on my laptop and spend some down time I wanted a nice quiet lunch. So I went to a fish place and when I walked in the restaurant was quiet, however before they served me my meal someone had turned on the radio. Not to something quiet and relaxing so that there was a soothing low toned music in the background. No, this was a non-local country station. So not only did I have to listen to music that I am not fond of I had to listen to the static that occupied an out of town station.

There were several times that I was in my car and I could hear others stereos over mine. I will admit that I do not have the best car stereo in the world (I have one working speaker). I do however do not want to hear what others are listening to when I am trying to hear something else.

But the worst was today. I got home, and had gotten off the phone with Honey when the neighbores started up with their music. Don't get me wrong listen to your tunes. I just don't think I should be able to understand what they are listening to when I am in my bedroom and that is not the shared wall.

I like music, I like all different kinds as Honey can tell you. I like that other like music, I just don't want to hear it.


dykewife said...

the worst is when you can hear the bass from a block away. i mean, who really needs music that loud? even deaf people would be overwhelmed by the vibrations.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I have a neighbor whose side deck is about 30 yards from my house. He loves to open his french doors and blare southern rock and other things I can't stand. He walks in and out all day cleaning out his car, blowind leaves or whatever while his stereo booms away. Ugh. Otherwise he's a really nice guy so I try not to notice. Fortunately, he isn't home a lot.

Nulaanne said...

The cars with music like that should be called whale humpers. However the whales might not like that.

That is nice when they are not home alot, so the music is an intrusion all the time. There are times I would love to be able to play the bagpipes so after listening to their stuff for hours when they quit play Scottland the Brave for hours back. LOL