Sunday, July 20, 2008


I asked Honey if I could post a picture of her and this is the one I chose. I just love her hands. I love how delicate they are and how I can trace each bone.

She has some scars on the backs from a job that she did and then some from her cats. They add something to her, some form of character, something that I cannot name. I love to run my fingers over them it is as if they were there just for me. I know that most people will not see them. They are just like her hands fine and delicate. I know thought not to let that fool me she has got a strength in her hands and fingers that I wish I had.

I am always touching her hands in some way. Holding them, running my finger over the backs of them. She posed for this picture for me, then I used Picasa2 to add the color change and the tinting. I just wish that I had asked her to put her ring back on. Oh well, next time.
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Hahn at Home said...

Now, how sweet is that. She does have lovely hands.