Thursday, June 04, 2009

Night Shift

Lady G asked me how I don't get messed up working nights. I thought about replying in the comments but realized that this would make a great post.

I love working nights, there is a different "feel" about them. One not so rushed, so urgent. However, all of this started when I was little about 8 or so years old. When I would get sent to bed with the lights out, I would lay there awake for hours. Then when the birds would start singing I would fall asleep.

As I got older I hid a flashlight in the bed so that after everyone else was asleep I would read until I could fell asleep. Now, this took forever as reading is exiting and keeps me awake until I finish the story. There were times I would go to school exhausted from not sleeping at night. I just could not do it.

After we moved around, and around. Try 10 different elementary schools in 5 states (my dad was an electrical field engineer) my parents decided to home school us. That was great. I could sleep all day and then do my work when I woke up.

I have always been a night person, I did try to work day shift for a year. That year I was so exhausted that I would sleep and work and sleep. There was nothing else. Even my days off were a chore. No, I love the night and the night shifts.

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Anonymous said...

it's funny...because i have a weird time clock. and that's perhaps because i work a variety of shifts. i think my problem with overnights was just being bored. grin.

and well..then i'd leave at 4am and have to be back at work the next day AT 4am. kinda screwy.