Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oly Pride

Sunday was Olympia Pride. For me it started out with going to Batdorf and Bronson for a mocha, the Boy said that the coffee shop was decorated like the TV show Friends. It might have been but I love their coffee as they roast it there in the store. That and when there if reading or working no one will bother a person.

After coffee the Boy and I wandered about the booths for a bit, I ran into some acquaintances of mine. Then the parade started. I do know that I love to go to Oly Pride. For me the parade is the best part. I love the colors and the interaction with the crowd.

This year like last year if the Dyke's on Bikes did not have a rider they would pick one out of the crowd, stopping to change riders as they wanted to. Then there were the people who when marching if they saw someone that they knew would run out of formation for talks and hugs.

One young man who I saw there was so cute and fun, he was probably all of 19 20 and hoped into one of the cars that had someone running for city council in it. Then when he got back at the end of the parade he joined in with the Stonewall Youth.
One of the things that I like about Oly Pride is that there are a ton of family's and kids there. It makes it seem like the whole community is out there. There were people there with their dogs, kids and even a few cats on leashes.

I think that next year I am going to try and get to Portland for Portland Pride to see how a bigger cities Pride compares. I have never been to a bigger Pride and next year that is one of my goals.
I love that picture up at the top the way the image is blurred, and the flag is flowing. I have other pictures that I will post up later.

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