Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Did It

My son is home for the summer and part of me was dreading what I had to do. So some background.

Every other Sunday a group of us gets together and games. Yes I know, but I am a gamer at heart and for me it is a way to relax and escape the dealings of real problems at work. So I go, roll dice and kill giant bugs. Very therapeutic, tho I think most of it is just talking with other some who are in the medical field and other who are not.

So, at game everyone knows that I am a dyke. Some write about me in their diversity classes, some ask me to check out the woman in that movie. They know they accept or deal with it.

My son however, was not told. It is not that I was being secretive about it, it is just that I did not even know for a long time. Then when I realized "You dumb*$$ your a Lesbian" I had some things to work out. Lots of things to work out. Guilt, hatred of myself, fear, and the list goes on.

When I finally got ready to tell him about Honey what does the boy do. Up and move out of state to go to a HS where he gets better grades then ever.

I did not think that telling him on the phone was a good idea so I waited until he got back home. I did not tell him the way I wanted to but when I did he said, "I kinda figured." Talk about anticlimactic.

So I am out to everyone in my family that I care about, except the two little ones. Honey and I both agreed that their mom is the boss of them and are going by her wishes.


SOLO said...

I understand the apprehension you felt, but I'm learning (slowly) that nowadays, this younger generation seems to feel that our being Gay is a non-issue.


Anonymous said...

i told my then 8yrold...and all i got out of her at the time was, ok? shrug. lol

i think we work ourselves up, but it comes down to our children knowing US and loving us.

my kiddo is now about 10...and seems alright with everything.

Nulaanne said...

Solo, it should be a non-issue, but when I came out to my aunts one talked to me the other I have not heard from in 7 months.

Lady, that is what is important that our kids love us.