Sunday, March 21, 2010

This + That

So this past week at work was one for the books. It was the usual same old thing, whiny knees, and hips. finding out that a 88 year old who was "OK" when they came in goes into a SNF (skilled nursing facility or nursing home) because they were just holding on at home then the anesthesia pops their dementia into the for front of their lives.

What made the week so worth reporting was what happened to me. I was leaving a PT room when I felt something poke me on the underside of my tata. I went into the bathroom to investigate and found that my under wire had broken and poked through the fabric.

That was not going to work for the next ten hours. So I did what anyone with my training would do. I stole some foam tape and fixed it.

When I got the chance to go downstairs and talk to the nursing supervisor I asked her not to laugh at me. She got the giggles, when I told her that if the foam tape did not work I was going to have to go home and change.

So here for your enjoyment is a pic of the patch job, and yes it did last all night.


Camlin said...

My grandmother developed dementia at 97 - because of anesthetic. She was fine before then.

Nice patch job.

CJ said...

I wasn't aware that anesthesia could trigger dementia. A very sad situation for that woman.

Very impressive fix there! Maybe you could market the bra patch kit?

Meg Leigh said...

I hate underwire bras for their Tata poking ways. Good fix, though.