Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The first movie that we should be watching on the Best Picture list is WINGS with Clara Bow. It looks like it would have been a good movie. However, it is not out on DVD so when it is released if it is released I will watch it.

Reading the link the plot of the movie seems to sound familiar like it has been done and re-done.

We still have not picked the date to watch the first two movies but it is hard trying to get schedules lined up for the first run.
My kittens are fun. I love watching them play and run about the house. I just wish that their claws were not so sharp. They will learn I hope.

I made my first ever gumbo. I made chicken as it has to last me most of the week, I like the way it turned out. Even up here in the NW I managed to find a spice shop that had File Powder. I did want to try to make it close to the recipe that I found. It is spicy, and filling and oh so yummy. The one thing I think I did wrong is my rice. I used sticky rice, but I do like it so I think that is what matters.


yogurt said...

I made chicken gumbo today, too! I'm half cajun so it's a regular occurrence around here. I've got file but I don't use it, or I hardly ever do. It doesn't add that much taste wise, I don't think. I use a lot of chopped okra, adding it early so it boils down, a natural thickener. The sticky vs dry of the rice doesn't matter b/c once you pour the gumbo on top the consistency is lost. Gumbo is kind to rice that way :)

Jet said...

A restored "Wings" is being released later this month (January 24th) on both DVD and blu-ray. I'm looking forward to that!