Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I was AWOL

On Dec 7th, my Honey flew in for a few days. When she was here I did not do much on the Internet. Blogging, the Book, none of it.

She flew in just after one pm. So for a late lunch we went into Seattle and ate at the Crab Pot. Yummy, I had the blackened salmon linguine, and she had a bucket of steamer clams. We, shared as there was a ton of food, and every bit was tasty. 

After we ate we walked a short way to the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop there we say a few mummy's, bat and a few mermaids. That place is so neat, I love going in there. Not only is it a shop but it is a museum as well. There were some carvings out of a nut that looks like ivory.

Honey had never been up in the Space Needle so that is where we went next. I am honestly amazed that we both did so well up there. I do not do good with heights, that is why I do not like to fly. Honey does not do well up on the edge of things. So here we are up nearly 500 feet and both of us were just fine up there. Both of us. The night was clear and cold, the views up there were spectacular.

Saturday we drove to Portland had lunch with my aunt. Then went to Cavalia. OMG is all I have to say about that. I got shivers at times watching that show.

Honey flew out Monday, and I did not really want to to much of anything that day. Then Tuesday it was back to work.

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