Saturday, July 15, 2006


Well, they did it starting on the 6th of August the hours are being cut at MJ. Not only that but they have made us all reapply for our jobs. They are taking away the set days that we now work and putting us all on 4 on 2 off. Now for those who are single parents out there it is quite difficult to have a kid or more than one kid and only one weekend off every six weeks. So I had to go on call, I will give up my benifits to be able to work when I need to and yet have the time off to spend it with my kid. So I am now looking for a job that will take me off nights, I have been working them for 3 years. It is time to get back on where I have a life. I know this is short but it is late and I need to get the kid in bed and I need to get in bed too.

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