Monday, June 26, 2006


I am really teed off. Mjs is trying to fire us all and we are waiting for the union to see what they can and cannot do. Our contract states that we have an 8 1/2 hour day getting paid for 8. They want to take us to a 8 hour day paid for 7 1/2. That is against the contract. They are also trying to put us on a 4 on 2 off work day. That means that we are getting one weekend off every 6 weeks. I have put in my time and will not work weekend again unless I want to. They are also trying to take away the weekend bonus.

I know they are trying to run underbudget but that is not going to happen by doing this to the CNAs. They need to look at the nursres. The ones that work evening shift are there for hours after the shift ends saying that they are charting. What they do is the chat and tell jokes on the clock until 3 am. That is racking up big overtime money. So we are waiting to see what the union Lawyer says on this one.

We have to reapply to our jobs not even sure that we will have the same shift that we now have. And that wonderful paper is due in on the 30 of this month. We found out all about this on the 23 they gave us alot of notice. If we dont have this in on the 30th it is concidered a voulintary resignation.

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