Monday, June 12, 2006

After Death and Double Shifts

At Mj's a patient recently died. She had no family who came down to see her and she died alone. When her obit was printed it was all about the company that she worked for. It was started for by the grandfater, then the father and now the son. She had worked for all of them, never taking a sick day, never taking a vacation. I find that sad that her job was her life.

I worked a double shift several miles from my home. The drive was the best part of the experance. I started out on one wing and worked all of them. The care at this place was not the best. One of the regular staff that I worked with did not do cath or peri care at all. The place smelled like an outhouse. I will go back if asked because the money is good, and I think the people there deserve good care. I managed to get someone to eat who normaly does not eat. I spent time with her so that she was not fed at the speed that military men eat.

I know there are worse places than MJ to work. At MJ my complant is not the care but how the staff is being treated. There is a great big diffrence in that.

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