Friday, June 09, 2006


Working in long term care you have things that you must do that not only makes your job easier but it also makes the job of the person following you easier.

Right now we have a wing that is got a lot of full care people on it. These people cannot get out of bed for whatever reason. So they have catheters, and bedpans. Some are incontent. Now when you get to the end of the shift you are to have the catheters empty, the trash picked up, and things just generaly neat.

Last night was not the case. There were people not in bed but on top of them, soaked with poo and pee. This reflects on all shifs as neglect. It is not fun going into a room and a patient that should be clean and finding dryed poop on them. That is not good care.

Also when asked about someone that you should have taken care of for the past 8 hours if they can walk you should know the answer. Not say "I guess they can they have been charting that she does". Not good.

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